Guardians are losing Destiny 2 emotes to a bug, but Bungie is on it

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A Destiny 2 emote bug appears to be causing some players to lose the in-game character animations they’ve amassed through the years in the popular FPS game. However, Bungie is aware of the apparent issue and is actively investigating.

In a Reddit post titled “Turns out… there is a cap on emotes,” Redditor u/Its-DooZ noted that their friend’s emote inventory screen appeared to be capped at 512 emotes. Screenshots show that the player seemed to be losing green-rarity emotes to make room for rarer ones after exceeding 13 pages of inventory space in the UI. Its-DooZ also suggested the limitation on inventory space could be an issue for people with an abundance of shaders. However, BNGHelp, an official Bungie account, responded to the thread and shared the team was actively investigating the issue.

While the loss of emotes may seem trivial to some, players often must spend money to purchase them from the game’s Eververse store. Losing them could also mean losing items they have paid to acquire. Further, some of the game’s shaders are incredibly rare, such as shaders that drop from completing specific quests or tasks like resetting ranks in Destiny 2 Iron Banner. As a result, losing favourite shaders could be upsetting to some players, particularly those with an interest in Destiny 2 fashion.

Bungie hasn’t confirmed how long it will be before it resolves this issue, but also confirmed this is actually an issue, as Reddit reports of characters disappearing several months back turned out to be hoaxes. However, players concerned about losing their emotes should keep an eye on their inventory for now. Guardians encountering any issues can let Bungie know via its Bungie Help message boards forum. 

While emotes are purely cosmetic and do not provide any gameplay benefits, players use them as tools to bond with one another sans voice communication. For example, Guardians used specific emotes as part of an in-game vigil to honour Commander Zavala voice actor Lance Reddick, who passed away unexpectedly over the weekend.

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