Good news, Robot Vietnam vets, Helldivers 2's mechs look close to being deployed

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Though, if you’re in Titanfall 3 limbo, they’re likely a bit different to the kind you might be hoping for.

A mech in Helldivers 2. Image credit: VG247/Arrowhead Game Studios

It seems like half the world is having fun in Helldivers 2 at the moment - well, when the game’s poor servers are allowing them to - and it looks like mechs, a promised feature that’ll likely make the game even more of a blast, are close to being ready to chuck out into the field.

Yep, after teases that original Helldivers-style vehicular backup would be coming to the game at some point after launch, it looks like we could be quite close to their arrival, even if it’ll probably have to wait until all those server issues have been brought under control. So, maybe re-watching this trailer every day and praying might not need to be part of your daily routine much longer.

As spotted by a user on the Helldivers subreddit, one of Arrowhead Game Studios’ devs has recently provided a bit of an update on how things have been going in terms of mechs via the game’s Discord server. “Mechs [have] been good to go for a while,” wrote a verified dev with the username Evil-Bosse late yesterday, adding: “there's still some additional polishing being done by people who can't assist with server issues.”

Naturally, this has folks on the subreddit pretty excited, especially those who’re vets of the first game or just fancy having something big and tanky by their side when they drop into battle. To be fair, given Suicide, Impossible and Helldive missions have all had their difficulties buffed in the latest patch, you can’t blame some people for feeling like they need every advantage they can get, now they’re definitely not in for an easy ride.

Obviously, as some in that thread have discussed, it remains to be seen how mechs would fit into that delicate difficulty balancing equation. Hopefully, whether it takes something like the ammo limits and limited deployment options of the first game, or a fresh set of cooldowns designed to stop mechs being too OP, it won’t take Arrowhead too long to figure things out.

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