Good news, Baldur's Gate 3's sassiest voice actor is in Fallout: London, alongside other familiar names

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You probably weren’t expecting a post-apocalyptic powwow with the most charismatic man from Larian’s RPG.

 London. Image credit: VG247/Larian/Team FOLON

The team behind Fallout: London has put out another update video, and it looks like this could well be the final one we get ahead of the huge mod’s release on April 23. Among the fresh info dropped as part of it was a rundown of some of the mod’s voice cast, which includes a name Baldur's Gate 3 fans will definitely be familiar with.

If you’re out of the loop on Fallout: London, it’s a massive, full game-ish sized Fallout 4 modding project that’s set to let you explore the ruins of the English capital. It’s been in the works for a few years now, with the team behind it having offered plenty of sneak peeks and info drops during development, including a recent panel at modding event C3.

In this latest video, which looks to have been originally intended to serve as the final update of 2023, the team addressed some fan questions, offered a look at some of the attire that makes the mod’s factions feel unique, and ran down a pretty star studded list of voice acting talent starring in it. The latter included names from the worlds of YouTube, Twitch and professional voice acting, with Neil Newbon, of Baldur’s Gate 3 and Resident Evil Village fame, probably being the most recognisable to folks who might not be too active in the Bethesda community.

We got a quick shot of the character Newbon’s playing, and while it’s difficult to tell what his role will be based on his attire, I’m likely not alone in hoping he’ll be a follower you can take along on your adventures.

Aside from Astarion and fellow pro VAs like A Plague Tale: Requiem’s Anna Demetriou, there are plenty of content creators like Call Me Kevin, who’s playing an Irish policeman and the Bethesda community’s own Gopher, who’s voiced the leader of the Camelot faction.

Beyond that, since folks had asked for it, we got a quick peek at some of the collectibles that’ll be strewn around the mod’s map - with the likes of beer mats, gramophone records and Red Dead Redemption 2-style cigarette cards accompanying the more traditional skill-boosting comics and SPECIAL books. There was also a nice explanation of just how big a cell of the map is compared to the player character, putting into context some of the numbers cited in the mod’s official release announcement.

Oh, and it’s worth checking out the faction attire bit even if you’ve been hoovering up plenty of info about the mod’s main factions, because, in my humble opinion, you need to see how some of its raiders have been made to resemble football hooligans.

If you're keen to learn more about Fallout: London, make sure to check out our recent interview with one of the modders involved in creating its guns and animations.

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