Good news, a lost Fallout New Vegas Limp Bizkit mod has come rollin' back into our lives after seven-ish years

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Even anime profile pic Fred Durst liked that.

The Fred Durst follower in Fallout New Vegas. Image credit: VG247/Obsidian/MickyD

Did you know that someone once made a Fallout New Vegas mod that added Limp Bizkit vocalist Fred Durst to the game as a follower that only speaks in lyrics from the band’s iconic discography? Well, they did and it’s now suddenly been unearthed again, after a seven-ish year span as lost media.

Yes, that’s right, the Mojave no longer has to be devoid of a bit of rap-infused nu metal to go alongside all of those 50s and 60s tunes you’ll be greeted with if you stick on Radio New Vegas. All it took was someone realising that they had it quietly sitting around on their PC.

Following its creation back in 2015, by a modder who goes by Lb8068 over on YouTube - where they shared a nice little preview/showcase of the mod - this lovely little slice of Fallout history looks to have swiftly vanished from Nexus Mods. “I think it did, sorry,” wrote Lb8068 in a response to someone in that video’s comments section asking whether the mod had been taken down from the site, “I recently reformatted my computer so doubt I have any of the files left over here. I should probably take this video down.”

But, hold the phone, because it’s 2024 and thanks to a Twitter user called UsagiCola, the FNV Durst mod is back baby. After Elder Scrolls YouTuber MickyD shared a link to a restored version of the mod, which you can grab here via Google Drive, UsagiCola revealed the rather mundane truth behind its re-emergence.

“I just happened to have it saved and helped archive it,” they wrote, later adding: “I knew this day would come. I’m just glad he's out there again, even if my mentions have had to suffer today lol.” So yup, no need to Break Stuff, all they needed to do was Take a Look Around on their hard drive in order to make the mod available to My Generation once again.

Ladies and Gentlemen, today we've made modding history...

The Limp Bizkit mod for Fallout: New Vegas has been found and restored!

Huge shoutout to @UsagiCola for archiving the files!

Link to the Google doc down below 👇

— Micky D (@DeMickyD) February 18, 2024

The mod’s bizarre redemption story wasn’t quite over with the posting of that Drive link though, as the actual Fred Durst - who’s currently rocking an anime profile picture and a bio consisting of the words “be good people” followed by a UFO emoji, for some reason - quote tweeted the mod’s resurgence with a simple verdict. “Nice,” said Fred, whose Twitter presence contains a rather upsetting amount of agreeing with/humouring Elon Musk.

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