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A chair for your gaming setup, while necessary, can feel like a bit of an afterthought. They're also not the easiest of choice, as you want something that can suit your own personal style and comfort. Not all chairs are made equal, plus they don't tend to come cheap. It's been a while since we've spied any deals on gaming chairs, but right now you can score up to $150 off a range of Vertagear chairs in its Spring Sale (opens in new tab)

The deals are currently active on the Vertagear website with discounts across the S-Line, P-Line, and include the new 800 series of gaming chairs. Each category has a few different seats to choose from coming in at different prices, and you can potentially grab extra discount by signing up to Vertagear's mailing list and registering a student ID (opens in new tab) first. 

The 800 series can be found across most of Vertagear's current lines of chairs, and signifies the brand's most ergonomic focused range of chairs. They tend to be the more expensive ones on offer but given you're going to be seated a fair amount of the time they might be the best choice. We've reviewed some Vertagear chairs but none have been the 800 series. While good in many ways, comfort and price have always been our bugbears with this brand, so hopefully this sale and the 800 series introduction will help.

For larger humans, Vertagear recommends the P-Line of chairs starting with the cheapest PL1000 going for $USD280/€290 (opens in new tab) down from $330/€340 in this sale. The mid tier choice is the PL4500 which we tested our buns on (opens in new tab) a few years back. One of the biggest gripes our reviewer had was the price which is much more appealing at the moment with the biggest discount of the lot.

It's not the Swarovski Crystals model (opens in new tab), but the PL4500 is down to $400/€410 (opens in new tab) from its RRP of $549/€490 making for a much better deal. Long-term comfort was another worry in our review, so it's probably worth giving that a read before you make the plunge on this one.

The highest-end chair in the P-Line is the PL6800 which Vertagear claims is "Most Comfortable Chair for Big Guy" and I'm not sure who Big Guy is but I want to meet him and ask more about his chair preferences. It's currently down from $550 to $470 as part of the sale. 

The cheapest in the S-Line is the budget SL200 which is now $300/€320 (opens in new tab) with the discount. The S-Line series Vertagear offers is recommended for smaller humans, though some of the chairs support taller frames going all the way up to 6'6" or 200cm for the SL5800 coming in at $420/€460 (opens in new tab) down from $500. That appears to be the fanciest chair on offer in this line, featuring ergonomic design and RGB stylings. 

Just below that is the SL5000 which we reviewed (opens in new tab), and found to be perhaps a little too firm and ergonomic in ways. It's going for $360/€350 (opens in new tab) down from $460 with one of the biggest discounts on offer. Given price was another downside in our review, this does make the SL5000 a more appealing choice. The RGB kit for both these chairs is on sale too, down $50 to $250 (opens in new tab) though we still don't necessarily recommend that upgrade.

This Vertagear sale is set to run all through April, so you've got a fair bit of time to check out our helpful list of best gaming chairs (opens in new tab) for other options before making your choice.

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