Gear up for Dead Island 2's Steam debut with a free copy of Dead Island: Riptide - Definitive Edition

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Relive the outbreak on Palanai before braving LA.

If you have been waiting for Dead Island 2 to release on Steam, your patience is about to pay off - and then some.

Dambuster Studios announced today that its multimillion-selling zombie game will hit Steam on April 22, which is when the Epic Games Store’s exclusivity period ends.

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Hack, punch, shoot and eviscerate your way through a gore-drenched LA.

If you haven’t played Dead Island 2 yet, this time out you are stuck in Los Angeles, under quarantine due to a deadly virus spreading through the populous. Luckily, you are miraculously immune and will slash your way through well-known locations such as Beverly Hills, Venice Beach, and Santa Monica where you will meet an interesting cast of characters and try to uncover the truth behind the outbreak. You can also recruit three friends to go along with you on your zombie-killing spree.

To celebrate the upcoming release of Dead Island 2 on Steam, Dead Island Riptide – Definitive Edition can be yours for free if you claim it within the next 48 hours.

Riptide picks up immediately after the ending of Dead Island and finds the immune survivors of the outbreak on a military ship located off the coast of the Banoi archipelago. Things soon go awry, as the survivors are drugged. Upon waking up, your character finds the ship overrun with zombies. After the vessel crashes into a rock near the shore of Palanai, the other survivors regain consciousness on the beach. Of course, the zombie infestation has made its way to the island, so not only do they have to contend with the undead, but they also have to figure out who to trust: the colonel, civilian VIP Frank Serpo, the WHO researcher, or only themselves.

The second entry in the series, Dead Island: Riptide - Definitive Edition is the remastered version of the game and features full HD with improved graphics, game models, and a photorealistic lighting system with physically based shading. It includes all previously released DLC, and if you don’t wish to go it alone, the game supports co-op so that you can take three friends along for the ride.

Also, as part of the celebration, you can take 75% off the price of Dead Island: Retro Revenge, which will set you back $1.24.

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