Fruit Seas Fruits tier list – What’s the best fruit?

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Latest update25th May 2024 / 8:10 pm

Demon Piece is now Fruit Seas. We’re working to update the tier list to suit the change.

Giving your time to the Fruit Seas Fruits tier list is the best way to ensure you’re picking the best fruit for your playstyle.

Upgradable through Mastery bonuses, the best Fruit in Fruit Seas is the one you practice with the most. But if you’re not a professional, you can close the skill gap with an inherently stronger choice.

Fruit Seas Fruits tier list – What’s the best fruit?

Here’s the tier list for Fruit Seas Fruits for the end of April 2024:

  • S
    • Tremor, Light
  • A
    • Love, Sand, Paw, Flame, Buddha
  • B
    • Smoke, Bomb, Gas, Barrier, Dark, Lightning
  • C
    • Chop, Spin, Kilo
  • F
    • Spring

Remember that a Fruit is only ever as good as the person using it. Your Fruit Seas Race can also have an impact on the worth of an individual fruit. For example, Flame is better if you’re Lunarian, which increases Burn damage.

It’s one of the rarest races in the game, however, which is why it’s a little lower down the tier list. Too many conditions and variables will do that.

How to get Devil Fruits in Fruit Seas

The shop screen in Demon Piece used to buy Demon Fruits.

Officially referred to as Demon Fruits in this One Piece-inspired Roblox game,  they’re obtained by talking to the Demon Fruit Shop salesman. He’s often found leaning against a wall by a pier.

His stock rotates, refreshes, and sells out. The rarer the fruit, the more Beli it will cost. Fruits can also be obtained out in the open world, but finding them without a Gamepass is generally down to sheer luck.

If you suddenly feel the need to reroll your character, check out the latest Fruits Seas codes. And if you’re at all into other Roblox games, Anime Switch codes and Type Soul codes just keep coming in. Project Mugetsu codes are back, too.

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