Front Mission 2: Remake Delayed, Now Planned for Q3 2023

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Front Mission 2 Remake

Forever Entertainment’s Front Mission 2: Remake has been delayed. Originally slated for June 12th on Nintendo Switch, it’s aiming to release later this year. In a statement on Twitter, the publisher apologized for the delay, saying it was a decision “not taken lightly, but in collaboration with the development team.”

“We want to ensure that we have sufficient time to add as many functionalities as possible while proceeding with proper implementation and tests, to meet your expectations for a modern-day remake.” It told fans to rest assured that it’s “fully committed” to a polished and “faithful remake” of the franchise.

A new release date couldn’t be specified, but the team is “working tirelessly to complete the project as soon as possible.” The current plan is to release it in the third quarter of 2023. Again, this isn’t guaranteed, so further delays are possible.

As the name indicates, Front Mission 2: Remake is a remake of Front Mission Second, which was only released in Japan for PlayStation One. Developed by Storm Trident, it retails for $34.99 and features improved visuals. There’s also a free camera to zoom in, additional language support, new color and camouflage options for the wanzers, and much more. Stay tuned for more details and gameplay in the coming months.

Important notice regarding the premiere of FRONT MISSION 2: Remake

— Forever Entertainment S.A. (@ForeverEntert) May 26, 2023

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