Friday The 13th is being delisted at the end of this year

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 The Game" overlaying in red Image credit: Gun Media

Welp, it feels like this has been a long time coming. Friday The 13th: The Game will no longer be on sale by the end of the year, due to license expiration. The asymmetric multiplayer game, based on the film series of the same name, has had a rough time over the years. In 2018, it was caught up in the dispute between the original film's producer and writer, causing publisher Gun Media to halt all DLC plans. In 2020, the game's dedicated servers were killed, but online play limped on via peer-to-peer matchmaking.

Gun Media announced the game's delisting on Twitter. "Our license for Friday The 13th will expire on December 31st, 2023," the publisher wrote. After that date, the game won't be available to buy digitally or physically. The game will still be playable though, as Gun Media stated it will "continue to function through at least December 31, 2024," for owners.

The publisher has decided to slash prices for Friday The 13th, in light of the game's impending death. The base game has been reduced from $14.99 to $4.99, with all DLC now priced at $0.99 each.

Friday The 13th has been a bloody good little game, and it's a shame to see things end for it like this.

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