Free Fire OB40 Update: New Characters, Modes, Weapon Adjustments, More

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The OB40 update has been released on Free Fire global servers, offering players a range of exciting new features. In addition to the highly anticipated Spider-Verse crossover event, the update includes enhancements to gameplay, such as a new achievement system, Duo Active Skills Mode, weapon balance adjustments, and fresh new characters. The official Garena website provides detailed patch notes for OB40, offering comprehensive information on all the updates and changes introduced in this version. You can also download the update from here to see the changes yourself.

Free Fire OB40 Update Patch Notes

New System: Achievements

  • Every step you make in Free Fire deserves to be celebrated.

  • 3 categories - Combat, Collector and Career.

  • Each achievement usually has 3 stages.

  • Some achievements will not appear in list until players get them.

  • Achievements in the Career and Collector categories will display account history.

Title Achievement

  • Some achievements provide titles as rewards.

  • 3 titles rarity - rare, epic, and mythic.

  • After equipping the title, it will be shown on the profile page.

Clash Squad

New mode: Duo Active Skills Mode

  • The active and passive skills in your preset will be saved, and the active skills in the preset will be selected by default so players only need to choose 1 active skill again

  • If the rank is above Gold I, this mode will be active by default.

  • Other rules will be exactly the same as Clash Squad mode.

Clash Squad Store Changes

Price changes:

  • MP40: Reduced to 1900 from 2000

  • Basket: Reduced to 1800 from 1900

  • P90: Reduced to 1600 from 1700

New Weapon: G36

Battle Royale

Gloo Wall maker

  • Every player will have a Gloo Maker and start with 1 Gloo Wall.

  • Gloo Maker will not be dropped when a user is eliminated.

  • Gloo Wall can no longer be loot or purchased.

Pet/Loadout changes

  • Mr. Waggor

  • Leg Pocket

  • Secret Hint

Super Revival Optimization

  • Teammates revived using Super Revival Cards will now receive better loot.

  • Players will receive a Med Kit and Heal Pistol.

In-Match Missions - Colour Cube Charge Up

  • During the “6th Anniversary” celebration, the Color Cube limited mission will be available.

  • In-match missions will only appear in some matches.

  • In Battle Royale, interact with the Color Prism for some time to unlock the event. Colour Spirits will appear with each player and cast skills that will help players when needed!

Bonus Box

  • There are Bonus Boxes around the Battle Royale map. Look for them, interact with them and get interesting loot!

Other changes

  • Change of items: Gloo Melter and Med Kit option.

  • Loot Changes.

  • Vending Machine Changes.

  • Changes to the speed at which the Safe Zone shrinks.

Weapon Balance and Changes

Rifle Change

  • XM8: Accuracy +15%

SMG Changes

  • Thompson: Damage +4%

  • MP40: Damage +8%

  • Bison: Damage +10%, easier to use.

Shotgun Changes

  • M1887: Range -15%, reload speed + 10%.

  • M1014-I: Range -12%, accuracy +20%.

  • M1014-II: Range -12%, accuracy +20%.

  • M1014-III: Range -12%, accuracy +20%.

  • Charge Buster: Range -20%, magazine capacity +1.

  • Trogon: Easier to use.

  • MAG-7: Easier to use.

Gun Changes

  • M1917: Damage -13%, rate of fire +6%


  • Marksman Grip: In addition to the basic fire rate of weapons, rate of fire -3%

  • Grenade: Explosion range -10%

Characters and Pet

New Sonia character

  • Ability: Nano Lifeshield

Awakened Alok

  • Skill Awakening: Party Remix

Character Change

  • Dimitri

  • Thiva

  • Kapella

  • Olivia

Character Balance

  • Tatsuya

  • Clu

  • Homer

  • Skyler

  • K

  • Iris

Passive skills

  • Hayato

  • Andrew

  • Andrew “the Fierce”

  • Rafael

  • Alvaro “Rageblast

Free Fire New Characters - Sonia, Awakened Alok

Free Fire

Map changes

Bermuda Change

  • New changes to the layout of Rim Nam Village, providing more shelter and clearer paths.

  • Rim Nam Village will be added to Clash Squad mode (casual and ranked mode).

Clash Squad map changes

  • Nurek Dam: Containers have been added at each of the tilting containers next to the spawn points.

  • Mars Electric: The starting positions for both sides have been changed to allow for fairer gameplay. The tires and houses on the north side have been removed.

  • Cape Town: The layout and orientation of buildings in the area has been changed.


Bag and loot optimization

  • Every time Free Fire players open the bag, items of the same type, such as healing items and ammo, will be placed together.

  • A “Discard Useless” feature has been added to the bag page, which allows you to create useless items in the bag with one button.

  • Same-type items such as healing items and ammo will be stacked in the loot list.

  • Advanced weapon attachments now support automatic looting: Silencer, SMG Muzzle, AR Magazine, Marksman Grip, Shotgun Stock, Sniper Stock.

Loadout Changes

  • Bonfire: In Clash Squad and Battle Royale, the effect is changed from 10HP/s and 10EP/s to 5 HP/s and 20 EP/s for 10s.

  • Airdrop: Loadout users get an extra 300 CS Cash once any team member takes an airdrop (Clash Squad).

  • Leg Pocket: Get Gloo Maker Lv. 2, Bag Lv. 3, and 200 additional bag capacities at the start of the match (Battle Royale)

  • Bounty Token: The first elimination will give individuals 400 FF Coins, random attachments and weapons that can be upgraded to Lv. 2 (Battle Royale).

  • Supply Supply: When players power up, get 300 FF Coins, Bizon and 60 Ammo SMG (Battle Royale).

  • Secret Hint: Chests will be marked on the map. Go there to get Gloo Chip, Launch Pad, 600 FF Coin, and other items. After opening the chest, a new chest will be marked (Battle Royale).

  • emies who are still standing when there are enemies standing and downed nearby.

Optimization of out of zone elimination rules

  • If a player is eliminated outside the zone 8 seconds after taking damage from another user, the elimination will be awarded to the enemy who dealt the last damage.



New Lobby Design

  • All kinds of promotions and commercial events have all been merged into the new FF Shop page.

  • UI changes including buttons Store, Luck Royale, Booyah Pass, Mission, Event, Vault, Weapon, Character.

Patch Information

  • Patch information will be permanently available in Events.

Instant Message Settings

  • Enter via the Preset or Settings page.

  • Equipped messages can be arranged using a list or wheel.

Team Reminder

  • When a team member is not ready, the team leader can remind them to be ready.

  • When all team members are ready, they can alert the team leader to start matchmaking.

Team Status

  • Team status also has a reminder feature.

Invitation List Optimization

  • Changed Teamcode button position.

Avatar Platform

  • Players who link social media accounts to Free Fire accounts can use social media profile pictures as avatars on Free Fire.

  • Only visible to in-game friends.

Play Again Button

  • Users can select "Play Again" and immediately start matchmaking for the next match Free Fire Solo mode without the need to return to the lobby.


Map Pool Changes

The map pool for Free Fire ranked matches is:

  • Bermuda

  • NeXTerra

  • Alpine

  • Purgatory

  • Kalahari

Bonus Download Map

  • Battle Royale - Download all maps for an additional 10% rank points. (Max 8 points)

  • Clash Squad - Download all maps for 5 additional rank points.

Performance and optimization

  • Optimized Battle Royale Loading Time.

  • Dual Network Connection.

Other Changes

  • The airdrop indicator will be more visible so that players are not eliminated by the airdrop.

  • Added post-elimination information in Battle Royale.

  • The pin function can be used when using a vehicle or parachute.

  • Delete Network friends.

  • A warning will appear when changing the graphic quality to a higher quality.


  • Spider-Verse Parkour

  • Color Hide & Seek

  • Color Spray

  • Mystery Town

  • Fort Fued

  • Craftland Token

  • Other optimization

There is a lot to take in and its best if you figure out these balance changes in the game yourself. We'll make sure to help you out with related guides for a better gameplay experience.

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