Fortnite Adds New Setting To Hide 'Confrontational Emotes'

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Epic Games has revealed a new setting for Fortnite that allows players to hide emotes the company considers "confrontational." This doesn't outright ban these emotes from the game and those with them can still use them, but if someone has this new setting turned off, they won't see others use them. 

Called "See Confrontational Emotes," players can choose whether they want to see emotes like "Laugh It Up," "Take the L," "Whipcrack," and "Make It Plantain" from anyone, from friends in a party, or never. Epic says players who have these emotes hidden with this new setting will see a player using the emote standing still, with no emote sound. 

This new setting can be found under "Social Privacy" in the Fortnite settings and it defaults to only show these confrontational emotes from friends in your party. Epic stresses that this setting does not change a player's ability to use any emotes. It is now live in-game. 

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