Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Red XIII Uses a Collar as a Weapon

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Square Enix revealed new details about Red XIII and his design in the Final Fantasy VII Remake through the game’s official Twitter account. The tweet also included concept art of Red XIII and information about the materia slots in the weapon he uses as a guest near the end of the game. His weapons in the original Final Fantasy VII were hair ornaments, such as combs and clips. However, the remake has him use collars instead.

You can take a better look at the weapon Red XIII uses as a guest in the FFVII Remake below.

ちなみにこの武器は、「宝条が実験サンプルにマテリアを装着させるために首輪に細工をほどこした」という設定になっているんですよ!👨‍🔬#FF7R #FF7R_inter


Red XIII only acts as a guest party member in Final Fantasy VII Remake, and as such players can’t see details of his equipment from the start screen. Square Enix revealed Red XIII’s weapon is the Mythril Collar. This is a re-imagining of the Mythril Clip, which was his default starting weapon in the original FFVII. Both the clip and the collar have two connected materia slots and an independent one, and it is a relatively powerful weapon by the time he joins the party.

The tweet also revealed that the Mythril Collar can be found in the Shinra Branch Office in Lower Junon. The purpose of the materia slots in the collar is so that non-human Shinra experiment samples like Red XIII could still use their properties. Professor Hojo had the collar especially crafted so that it would include materia slots.

The last piece of information shared on the official FFVII Remake Twitter account revealed that Tseng, leader of the Turks, wears a custom made suit.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is immediately available for the PS5, PS4, and Windows PC. The PS5 and PC versions of the game are FFVII Remake Intergrade, which includes Episode INTERmission, an extra DLC campaign.

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