Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Ultimania Will Come Out in April 2024

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The Ultimania book for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will come out on April 12, 2024. This will be a complete guide for the game, as well as contain behind-the-scenes information on the story and development process.

You can pre-order the book via the Japanese Square Enix store. It will cost 2,970 JPY, which is about $19.75. In total, there will be 752 pages. As well, It seems that you will only be able to purchase a physical copy. If you get it from the online store, you can get a free, exclusive Sephiroth bookmark.

As for the contents of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Ultimania, it’ll introduce all of the characters, setting, skill trees, abilities, enemies, maps, and more. If you want a complete walkthrough, you can just use this book, as it will also give information on important scenes like when you can affect your friendship scores with other characters. There are also interviews and Q&A with the staff at the end of it.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the direct sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake. It will not be a 1-to-1 remake, much like the original Remake of FFVII. For example, Vincent and Yuffie will play an important role in the game’s main story, whereas they were just optional party members in the original game. Other new content includes Synergy Abilities, in which two characters team up to unleash a devastating attack.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will come out on February 29, 2024 for the PS5. The exclusivity arrangement will end on May 29, 2024.

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