Fight hell with the best weapons available — Unboxing the SteelSeries X KontrolFreek Diablo IV gear

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Greetings foolish mortals! Dare you challenge Lilith without the arsenal to take her down? I’m not just talking about your Druid build, we’re talking about the best gear this side of hell. SteelSeries and KontrolFreek have both offered a Diablo IV collection, and we’ve gotten our hands on it. Check out our unboxing video below, along with handy links to get your own today! Also, don’t forget to grab Diablo IV, out now!

Unboxing the INCREDIBLE Diablo IV SteelSeries & KontrolFreek Gear!

Arctis Nova 7 Wireless| Diablo IV Edition

What we had to say about the headset-

The SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7X is a worthy pickup for the avid and multi-platform gamer. It delivers great sound and amazing battery life, meshed with arguably the most comfortable design in gaming headsets. You can’t get much better than this, especially at the asking price.

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Aerox 5 Wireless| Diablo IV Edition

What we had to say about the mouse-

The Steelseries Aerox 5 Wireless gaming mouse is a fantastic device, and one of the best gaming mice you can own. It’s not only a looker with a sleek honeycomb shell, but it performs as well, with an array of buttons to map out to your pleasure, great sensors guiding your cursor, and some of the best clicking right and left buttons I’ve ever touched. The wireless dongle kind of stinks, but that’s a drop in the bucket compared to how awesome this gaming mouse performs.

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KontrolFreekPerformance Thumbsticks |Diablo IV Edition

What KontrolFreek says about the thumbsticks-

The Diablo IV Edition KontrolFreek Performance Thumbsticks feature an official laser-etched design and blood-red colorway that have been designed to help immerse players in the fight for the fate of the world. A versatile low-rise profile provides players with more grip, and increases control, as they hack, slash, and cast to conquer the nightmarish dungeons and besieged towns of Sanctuary. Adding 5.5mm of height to original stock controller sticks for increased arc distance and precision, the low-rise Thumbstick reduces the amount of force required for movements, decreasing hand fatigue, improving accuracy, and enhancing overall control. (A special collector’s edition set of Thumbsticks with a Heroes Cube case will be available on the launch day of Diablo IV and includes an in-game item, specifically designed for the Diablo IV x SteelSeries x KontrolFreek collaboration.)

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Diablo IV

What Ron Burke had to say about the game-

Diablo IV represents a massive shift for the series, moving to a more inclusive and open world that is somehow as inviting for new players as returning veterans. Complexity is mixed with flexibility to create a game that is sure to consume you for hundreds if not thousands of hours. Diablo IV is the game we’ve been waiting for, and a return to form for the Blizzard team.

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Before you take on the depths of hell, don’t forget to download the SteelSeries GG app so you can use Sonar on your PC! Sonar is an audio EQ software, and it’s incredible. Not to mention, it already has a pre-built EQ just for Diablo IV.

As part of the Diablo IV x SteelSeries collaboration, Diablo’s sound engineers have created an official EQ preset that allows players to take their in-game sound to another dimension utilizing the SteelSeries Sonar Audio Software Suite. Sonar is industry-leading audio software that delivers powerful sound customization through the first pro-grade parametric EQ for gamers. Specifically designed to turbocharge any headset for gaming and provide a limitless ability to control sound across games, immersive spatial audio, team chat, and the microphone, Sonar allows gamers to adjust every individual frequency and hear the sounds that matter the most.

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