Famous Elden Ring Player Tackles Mod Where Every Enemy Is Malenia

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Elden Ring has birthed legends, and one of them is Let Me Solo Her--the person famously known for defeating Malenias single-handedly for struggling co-op partners. He's now embarking on a new challenge to defeat not just one Malenia, but to defeat a world filled with Malenias in an Elden Ring mod that replaces all enemies with the famed Blade of Miquella.

Let Me Solo Her streamed his first attempt over on YouTube, and he listed his goals as no leveling vigor, getting the Jar Helm--Let Me Solo Her's signature accessory--and beating the game.

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The Malenia mod is created through the Item and Enemy Randomizer mod, and players can choose specific settings like scaling enemy health and damage. It also seems like Malenias in the mod are also very aggro, as pointed out by Let Me Solo Her, and will hunt players until they reach a Site of Grace.

vLet Me Solo Her ended the first stream by taking down Magma Wyrm Malenia and Draconic Malenia and is planning on continuing in the near future.

Past players have successfully cleared a mod where everything is Malenia before, with YouTuber Bushy streaming a successful completion.

In related Elden Ring news, Bandai Namco released a death infographic in celebration of Elden Ring's one-year anniversary. Over 9 billion players have died, with 69% of deaths due to enemies. To no surprise, Malenia ranks number one among the bosses players have initiated battles with, followed by Margit.

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