Fallout TV Show Easter Eggs, Old Gaming Kiosks, And More Big News

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Fallout fans ate good this week, thanks to a kickass Amazon TV series and tons of people getting back into the games because of it. But a good video game adaptation isn’t all that went down this week, so read on for the biggest news. 

Walton Goggins as Cooper Howard in one of Vault-Tec's vaults in Amazon's Fallout show.

Image: Amazon

Amazon’s Fallout show is, miraculously, pretty fun and great. It manages to capture the satire of the games and somehow makes it even sharper by trimming much of their fat. Because of this, the elements which the show lifts from the games feel like they’re lent even more space to shine prominently, and this is especially true of the storyline centering the horrors of the Vaults. An easter egg in Fallout’s sixth episode underscores those horrors in a manner that is as unsettling as it is hilarious. - Moises Taveras Read More

An image shows Fallout characters from Shelter with stats behind them.

Image: Bethesda / Kotaku

A recent update for Bethesda’s popular post-apocalyptic spin-off, Fallout Shelter, added some characters from the Amazon Prime live-action TV show adaptation to the base-building game. While it’s fun that you can now have some of these characters, like Lucy and Maximus, in your own digital vault, it also reveals their SPECIAL stats, too. - Zack Zwiezen Read More

The Courier stands in front of New Vegas bathed in lights

Image: Bethesda

Like an atomic bomb, Amazon dropped all eight episodes of the Fallout TV show on April 10. The show is full of easter eggs, lore drops, and big implications for the future of the franchise. But some fans were quick to suggest that the show may change the series’ past as well, even arguing that it retcons out entire games such as the beloved Fallout: New Vegas. But does it? Let’s dig into it. (To do so, we’ll have to discuss events from later episodes, including the season finale, so consider yourselves warned.) - Willa Rowe Read More

An image shows two photos of the N64-looking Xbox 360 kiosk.

A Reddit user found something quite odd inside their dentist’s waiting room: An old McDonald’s N64 video game kiosk that had been converted into an Xbox 360 arcade complete with multiple controllers and games. - Zack Zwiezen Read More

Shadowheart, Shep, Gale, and Karlach enter a portal.

Screenshot: Larian Studios / Kotaku

Larian Studios may not be making Baldur’s Gate 4 and Hasbro is talking with new partners about the series’ future, but Baldur’s Gate 3 still has some juice left in it. The development team has released some new information about the game’s big Patch 7, and it sounds like it will be another substantial update with new endings for those who chose to be a bit more evil during their time in Faerûn. - Kenneth Shepard Read More

Modder YveltalGriffin's "Hanami," a retro PlayStation One transformed into a handheld console, lies flat on a tealish surface with the Final Fantasy 7 start menu on the screen.

Screenshot: YveltalGriffin / Kotaku

Whoever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks is apparently a liar, as a Florida-based modder has taught Sony’s first PlayStation console how to do something rather unexpected. Specifically, the tinkerer turned the homebound system into a handheld console using a bunch of hot glue and magnetic wires. - Levi Winslow Read More

A masked rat peers through rising flames in Cat Quest III.

Screenshot: Kepler Interactive / The Gentlebros / Kotaku

Nintendo has delivered a brand-new Indie World showcase. It lasted about 20 minutes and gave us a look at some cute and cozy games, a few of which are launching today. Unfortunately, there was no Hollow Knight: Silksong news, but there was still plenty to get stoked about. - Levi Winslow Read More

Elon Musk looks unimpressed at an Elden Ring boss using Morse code.

Image: Steve Granitz / Bildagentur-online / FromSoftware / Kotaku (Getty Images)

A favorite pastime of Kotaku is spotting the new and ludicrous ways people have found to best super-tough games like Elden Ring. Whether using a harp or an ass, people are both incredible and incredibly inventive. It turns out, though, that not everyone’s capable of appreciating that. So when player Silithur completed the game using only Morse code (!!!), it turns out—oh for fuck’s sake—Elon Musk wasn’t impressed. - John Walker Read More

A man makes off in a boat full of money.

Image: Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto VI publisher Take-Two Interactive announced massive cuts in an SEC filing at the end of business today. The company revealed it will lay off 5 percent of its roughly 11,000-strong workforce and has cancelled several in-development projects valued at $140 million in an effort at “rationalizing its pipeline.” - Ethan Gach Read More

Lucy from Fallout emerging from Vault 33.

Image: Amazon

Amazon’s Fallout TV series has made waves since it dropped last week, mostly due to the quality of the work. Fallout’s one of the best video game adaptations we’ve gotten and one that enhances the series greatly. It also is situated at the very end of the known timeline of the games, serving as a sort of sequel to the series while Bethesda works on Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI. However, there’s a contingent of fans who were less than pleased with the implications of some of the events in Fallout, specifically what they perceived as the retconning of the beloved Fallout: New Vegas. - Moises Taveras Read More

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