Falcon Esports Naomi Is Traveling to Indonesia to Join an “MPL ID Champion” Team

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Falcon Esports' roamer Naomi is travelling to Indonesia to join an MPL ID team.

According to AiO Esports Founder, Ko Arrman Aio, Naomi is joining an "MPL ID Champion" team which is not competing in the MSC 2023.

Aside from Naomi, another MLBB talent will join him in his travel to Indonesia.

Falcon Esports' seasoned roamer, Min "Naomi" Ko from Burma, is reportedly set to join an Indonesian (ID) team in the near future. This revelation surfaced through a social media post, dropping hints about his potential participation in the upcoming season of the Mobile Legends: Professional League (MPL). While Falcon Esports previously announced a temporary break from competition, the organization did not confirm its intention to release its Mobile Legends roster. Speculations have emerged suggesting that its players might participate as Import players for the MPL ID, but the specific teams that will acquire these skilled Falcon Esports players remain undisclosed at this time.

Naomi to join an “MPL ID Champion” team with one other Burmese player

Through a Facebook post by AiO Esports Founder, Ko Arrman Aio, it was revealed that Naomi is continuing his journey in the MLBB esports scene in Indonesia. 

“Good Bye and Good Luck Bro. It’s really confirmed. He has become the first player to go abroad in the Myanmar MLBB world,” he wrote.

Ko further provided fans with insight into Naomi's potential destination within Indonesia, alluding to an "MPL ID Champion" team that will not partake in the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2023. Additionally, he revealed that another undisclosed talent would be accompanying Naomi to Indonesia, although it remains a mystery whether they will join the same team or pursue separate paths.

Given the hint provided, this narrows it down to teams like EVOS Legends, RRQ, and ONIC Esports who are considered as the three powerhouse teams in Indonesia. 

With Falcon Esports being one of the strongest MLBB teams in Myanmar, it will be interesting to see how its key players shall fortify teams in Indonesia and spice up the competition in the upcoming MPL ID Season 12.

As Falcon Esports emerges as one of the most formidable MLBB teams in Myanmar, anticipation builds regarding how its key players will enhance Indonesian teams and inject excitement into the forthcoming MPL ID Season 12. It promises to be an intriguing spectacle as the talents from Falcon Esports contribute their skills, potentially elevating the level of competition and igniting fresh energy within the league. 

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