Everything You Need to Know From Genshin Impact’s 3.6 Livestream

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On March 31, HoYoverse held a special preview for Genshin Impact Version 3.6 titled “A Parade of Providence.” There was plenty of news to get excited about, and some of it applied to more than just the upcoming update. Here’s everything you need to know from Genshin Impact’s 3.6 livestream.

All the New Missions with Genshin Impact 3.6

Genshin Impact Sumeru story 3.6 teaser

Image via Hoyoverse

A new Genshin Impact story mission was teased, and this time it has to do with dragons in Teyvat. Nahida explained that the dragons are the oldest beings in Teyvat, and a mysterious dragon explains that they’ve existed since before records like Irminsul. 

The dragons were affected by the Khaenri’ah apocalypse, and it seems like they were what Celestia used to strike down the nation. The Dragon King isn’t happy with Teyvat, and it seems like fighting the very force that destroyed Khaenri’ah is inevitable. 

Layla will also be getting a Hangout Event with the 3.6 update. Likewise, Nahida will be getting her second Story Quest.

Another event will also be added that’s related to the helpful creatures found in the new area of Sumeru that will reward Primogems on completion.

A New Area in Sumeru for Genshin Impact 3.6

Near Sumer area in Genshin Impact 3.6

Image via Hoyoverse

The new area will be in the deserts of Sumeru, and it’s a place that’s central to the destruction of Khaenri’ah. It was originally the place where Celestia shut down the Abyss, and it was the location where monsters spawned related to all of the events.

Because of the Abyss, the area has turned into wastelands with swamps, and there are some Withering spots to overcome. New creatures will be there to explore the locale, which will also allow players to fly around the region like never before.

Genshin Impact 3.6 Two New Artifact Sets

new Sumeru artifact sets in Genshin Impact 3.6

Image via Hoyoverse

Two new artifact sets will be coming with the 3.6 update. These will more than likely be in the same domain, which is probably going to be in the new area.

Nymph’s Dream

The Nymph’s Dream artifact set is specifically for Hydro DPS characters, which may be a bit of foreshadowing considering the next nation in the game is Fontaine, home of the Hydro archon.

The Two-Piece set will increase Hydro Damage by 15%. The Four-Piece set will grant additional Attack and Hydro Damage every time a character hits an attack, Elemental Skill, or Elemental Burst on an enemy. This can stack three times.

Vourukasha’s Glow

While Vourukasha’s Glow doesn’t target a specific element, it does target off-field characters who can deal damage and need to build HP. Baizhu, one of the new characters, looks like he’ll be the perfect character for this set.

The Two-Piece set increases HP by 20%. The Four-Piece set will increase damage from Elemental Skills and Elemental bursts by 10%. Anytime the character with the set takes damage, the damage bonus will increase by 80%, stacking up to five times. The damage bonuses apply even when the holder of the set is off the field. 

Two New Bosses in Genshin Impact 3.6

The Legendary Dragon Apep in Genshin Impact 3.6

Image via Hoyoverse

Like with many other new character releases, there are new bosses coming to Genshin Impact. These will more than likely drop materials that Baizhu and Kaveh need in order to ascend. 

The Iniquitous Baptist

The Iniquitous Baptist is a new boss that’s most likely located in the new area of Sumeru. This boss can use several different Elements and can make shields with various Elements.

This will make defeating the boss challenging as you’ll need several specific characters that can take it on – this may be one of the hardest bosses Genshin Impact has seen yet. 

The Legendary Dragon of Verdure: Apep

This new boss is a Dendro dragon that used to rule Sumeru. However, after coming down with some kind of sickness, players will need to fight a three-phase battle against it for materials.

During the second phase, things take a twist – you’ll have to protect the dragon from other monsters instead of attacking it.

This boss battle sounds like it has lore similarities to Dvalin in Monstadt, and it will be part of Nahida’s second story quest that’s also being added with update 3.6.

New Enemies: Hilichurl Rogues

Hilichurl Rogues in Genshin Impact 3.6

Image via Hoyoverse

Hilichurls are also getting a bit more complex, and the Anemo and Hydro Hilichurl Rogues are great examples of this. These enemies barely even look like Hilichurls, and they’re generally found alone. 

Events in 3.6 Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact 3.6 all combat events

Image via Hoyoverse

The main event of Genshin Impact update 3.6 is in Sumeru and centers around the Akademiya Extravaganza. This event will give out Primogems, a Crown of Insight, Character Ascension Materials, Talent Level-up Materials, Character EXP Materials, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and Mora. The last reward is Faruzan, which is actually one of the best on the list of rewards – Faruzan gets much better the more constellations you have of her, so this is a great chance for Anemo teams.

The event itself will have multiple different parts to it. From what was shown off, there will be a six-section puzzle event, a three-part construction event, a four-part scavenger hunt, a three-part logic event, a three-part concoction-creating/battling event, and a three-part event about mimicking side-scrolling movements.

There will also be a five-part event, Fulminating Sandstorm, where the Traveler helps the Akademiya get rid of a few threats related to the Wenuts to Sumeru. There will be a bit of battle and restoring things around the desert featured in the event. Rewards for this event also include Primogems and other useful materials to increase characters’ potential. 

There will also be a competition event among everything else where Sumeru characters will battle it out. It’s not clear if players will be the ones doing the battling, but there are sure to be a few Primogems given out for the quests alone. 

Another event related to creating things is Brewing Developments. This event will have four different combat events with special effects where players can earn Primogems and enhancement/character materials. Trial characters will also be available during this, so it’ll be a great way to try new characters.

Genshin Impact 3.6 Update Schedule

Genshin Impact Kaveh Elemental Burst

Image via Hoyoverse

The 3.6 Update will go live on April 12, 2023. There will more than likely be three hours of downtime that players will receive Primogems for.

As always, if the update takes longer, more Primogems will be given out. 

Banners in Genshin Impact 3.6

Nahida floating in Genshin Impact story mission

Image via Hoyoverse

Genshin Impact’s 3.6 banners will come in two waves. The first will include Nahida and Nilou, two of Sumeru’s best five-star characters. The second wave introduces Baizhu and Kaveh, and Ganyu will be the other banner.

Between the four different five-star characters, this banner is stacked – any of these characters are great options. 

3.6 Genshin Impact Livestream Codes

Genshin Impact Baizhu

Image via Hoyoverse

A few codes were given out, and they’ll be good until April 1:

  • 9ARE6VLJT34H: 100 Primogems and 10 Enhancement Ore
  • KBRE7D4KA2MM: 100 Primogems and 5 Hero’s Wit
  • 7S9X6V4JB2M9: 100 Primogems and 50,000 Mora

As a quick reminder, all Genshin Impact codes can be redeemed by going to the in-game Settings, then going to Account, and finally clicking Redeem Code. 

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