ESL Pro League Season 19: Teams, Results, Schedule, Format, How to Watch, More

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ESL Pro League Season 19 (EPL S19) is all set to take place from 23rd April to 12th May 2024 featuring a total prize pool of $750,000 USD which will be split between all 32 competing teams, which is a mix of partnered and qualified participants.

All competing teams will be divided into four groups of eight teams each, starting with the Group Stage and following up with Playoffs, where a champion will be crowned who will directly qualify for IEM Cologne 2024.

The entire tournament will be played on LAN at the InterContinental Malta in Saint Julian's, Malta.

ESL Pro League Season 19: Complete Details

The entire tournament has been divided into two stages and will be taking place across 20 days, spanning almost three weeks.

While all 32 teams will be rewarded a piece of the total prize pool, only the top eight will be awarded Blast Premier Points, and only the winner will qualify for the highly anticipated IEM Cologne 2024, scheduled to take place from 7th to 18th August 2024.

ESL Pro League Season 19: Teams

Out of the 32 teams, 14 are partnered while the remaining 18 have booked a slot either through ESL Ranking or by qualifying through other tournaments.

  1. Astralis | Partner Team

  2. BIG | Partner Team

  3. Complexity Gaming | Partner Team

  4. ENCE | Partner Team

  5. FaZe Clan | Partner Team

  6. Fnatic | Partner Team

  7. FURIA Esports | Partner Team

  8. G2 Esports | Partner Team

  9. HEROIC | Partner Team

  10. MOUZ | Partner Team

  11. NAVI | Partner Team

  12. NIP | Partner Team

  13. Team Liquid | Partner Team

  14. Team Vitality | Partner Team

  15. Team Falcons | ESL World Ranking

  16. GamerLegion | ESL World Ranking

  17. BetBoom Team | ESL World Ranking

  18. Eternal Fire | ESL World Ranking

  19. Monte | ESL Challenger Jonkoping

  20. | ESL Challenger Atlanta

  21. 3DMAX | ECL S46 Europe

  22. FORZE Esports | ECL S46 Europe

  23. M80 | ECL S46 North America

  24. BOSS | ECL S46 North America

  25. The MongolZ | ECL S46 Asia-Pacific

  26. TYLOO | ECL S46 Asia-Pacific

  27. Pera Esports | European Conference

  28. Sharks Esports | South American Conference

  29. Imperial Esports | South American Conference

  30. FlyQuest | ANZ Champs

  31. Bad News Kangaroos | Oceanic Qualifier

  32. SAW | Replacement Invite [Cloud9]

ESL Pro League Season 19: Results and Schedule

The tournament will start with the Group Stage through which 12 teams will qualify for Playoffs, three from each group.

  • ESL Pro League Season 19 Group Stage: 23rd April to 5th May 2024

  • ESL Pro League Season 19 Playoffs: 7th to 12th May 2024

Group A | 23rd to 28th April

Group B | 23rd to 28th April

Group C | 30th April to 5th May

Group D| 30th April to 5th May

Playoffs | 7th to 11th May 2024

Grand Final | 12th May 2024

ESL Pro League Season 19: Format

Group Stage

  • 32 teams will be divided into four groups of eight teams each.

  • Every group will follow a triple-elimination format where every match will be a best-of-three series.

  • The top four teams from each group will advance to Playoffs.

    • Group Stage winners advance directly to Quarterfinals

    • Group Stage runners-up advance directly to Round of 12

    • Group Stage third and fourth place teams advance to Round of 16


  • The 16 qualifying teams will compete in a single-elimination bracket.

  • All matches excluding Grand Final will be a best-of-three series.

  • The last standing team will be crowned as the champion.

ESL Pro League Season 19: Prize Pool

The total prize pool of $750,000 will be divided between all 32 teams, BLAST Premier points will be distributed between only the top eight teams, and only the winning team will qualify for IEM Cologne 2024.

ESL Pro League Season 19: How to Watch

Majority of this tournament will have two matches being played at the same time, this means that ESL will be running two simultaneous streams, Primary and Secondary.

Both broadcasts will be hosted on streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube, in multiple languages like English, Chinese, and Russian.

This is one of the longest-running CS2 tournaments in the world and is held in high-regard due to its expansive format which allows teams to play hard without having to worry about elimination, with each team getting at least three chances to redeem themselves.

It will be interesting to see if MOUZ will be able to hold on to its throne and the titles, or does a new contender stand up to the challenge.

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