Dragon Quest 3's HD-2D Remake Re-Emerges for PS5

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Could it be a trilogy?

Dragon Quest 3's HD-2D Remaster Re-Emerges for PS5 1Image: Push Square

After eons in the wilderness, Square Enix appears ready to re-acknowledge the existence of Dragon Quest 3’s anticipated HD-2D remake – and could there be more to it? A new trailer to celebrate Dragon Quest Day says that “the legacy begins”, but there’s no mention of Dragon Quest 3 specifically, leading some to speculate the entire trilogy could be getting the re-release treatment here.

It’d certainly make sense: it’s been three years since our first glimpse of Dragon Quest 3 running in Square Enix’s spangly HD-2D engine, and the project has effectively been missing in action since then. It’s important to note that only PS5 is mentioned in the trailer, despite the remake originally being announced for PS4.

Nevertheless, considering the legendary nature of the classic Dragon Quest games, and the success of recent HD-2D remakes like Live A Live, this will be one to watch as more news nears.

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