Disney Speedstorm Waves the Chequered Flag at Kermit the Frog on PS5, PS4

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You'd have to be a Muppet to miss out

Kermit the Frog Races to Disney Speedstorm's Starting Line on PS5, PS4 1

In a move that’s sure to inject some much-needed enthusiasm into Disney Speedstorm’s install base, Muppets icon Kermit the Frog has joined the lineup. The excitable amphibian will be unlockable as part of an in-game Time Limited Event, and judging by the trailer, there’ll also be a rainbow-coloured signature kart available as well.

Gameloft’s licensed racer has been going through some teething troubles of late, with the developer coming under fire for its fresh approach to seasons, which are split into two phases. However, it’s remaining committed to its live service plans for the time being, with Inside Out and The Nightmare Before Christmas seasons all on the horizon.

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