Destiny 2 weapon tops PvP chart in under 72 hours

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A Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Adept weapon has rapidly become the most used in the Destiny 2 PvP activity despite only having been in the FPS game since Friday. The Adept version of The Immortal Legendary Strand kinetic submachine gun has seemingy become one of the best Destiny 2 PvP weapons already, thanks to powerful perks such as Rangefinder – which increases effective range and zoom magnification – and Target Lock, which increases the damage the longer the weapon remains fixed on a target.

Within 72 hours of its release on March 17 during the 5pm GMT daily reset, the weapon had already become Guardians’ preferred weapon in the multiplayer game‘s sweatiest activity. On Twitter, players shared that they played over 40 matches to earn the Adept gun.

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Players can earn the gun by going ‘Flawless’ in Trials of Osiris. To do this, they must earn seven wins in a row (though they can also opt to get a Trials Passage called the Passage of Mercy that forgives one loss, so in some cases, it can mean winning seven out of eight matches).

However, weaker players willing to grind can also earn the weapon as a reward from Saint-14. One player suggested they earned it by solo queuing and using the Passage of Wealth, increasing rank points on the third, fifth, and seventh wins on a single ticket.

Guardians who have obtained the weapon are already preparing for a nerf due to its power and immediate status as the preferred weapon in the activity. Bungie recently promised a midseason weapon balance patch coming to Lightfall, so it’s possible it could take into consideration data showing the weapon’s prominence in Trials of Osiris.

However, Bungie has also made it clear that it wants to design activity weapon rewards to be the best for the activity in which they drop, meaning that the team is likely somewhat aware that the weapon gives players who manage to get it an advantage.

Additionally, players have pointed out that the reward has given people a true reason to grind a specific activity for a reward, as other in-game activities, such as Gambit, appear to be neglected.

 A Char showing The Immortal (Adept) as the the top weapon bvia Destiny 2 Trials Report.

As of publication, The Immortal (Adept) and its non-Adept variant account for approximately 10% of all Trials of Osiris kills this weekend. If you’re gunning for an Immortal (Adept), you have until the weekly reset on Tuesday March 21, to earn it.

Although it seems like Lightfall just launched, Destiny 2 season 21 is just around the corner. In the meantime, check out the full Lightfall mission list and our guide to the next Destiny 2 Iron Banner, so you have everything you need.

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