Demon Piece codes April 2024

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Latest update24th Apr 2024 / 6:35 pm

A couple more Demon Piece codes have just dropped. These ones should actually work.

Looking for new Demon Piece codes? Sure you are. Freebies are important. If you’re looking to get up to speed in this Roblox anime sea-faring adventure, the list below is worth checking in on.

Despite how it sounds, Demon Piece isn’t an amalgamation of the best Roblox One Piece and Demon Slayer games around. It’s focused on the former, with the name then coming from a spin on the Devil Fruits featured therein.

New Demon Piece codes

  • 1MVISITS – Stat Point Reset (new)
  • 25KMEMBERS – x2 Drops 15 Minutes (new)
  • 7KLIKES – x2 Exp for 20 minutes
  • 5KLIKES – Stat Point Reset
  • 500KVISITS – x2 Drops 15 Minutes
  • NEWFIXES – x2 Beli 20 Minutes
  • 750KVISITS – x2 Mastery 15 Minutes
  • 3KLIKES – x2 mastery 10 minutes
  • 300KVISITS – x2 drops 10 minutes
  • SORRYFORLAG – 100,000 beli
  • PERFORMANCEFIX – x2 exp 30 minutes
  • FOLLOWTWITTER – stat point reset
  • RELEASE – x2 mastery
  • DEMONTIMING – 1000 beli

How to use Demon Piece codes

A screenshot showing the three-step process for redeeming codes in Demon Piece.

Not sure how to redeem codes for Demon Piece? Here’s what to do:

  • Launch Demon Piece.
  • Pick a side.
  • Click the Menu icon in the bottom-left.
  • Click the Settings cog/gear icon.
  • Enter a code in the box at the bottom.
  • Hit Enter/Return.

How to get more Demon Piece codes

Right now, new codes are primarily dropped on the Demon Piece Discord. If you want to check a second source and learn more about the game, the Demon Piece Trello works just as well.

The game also hints that the developer’s Twitter feed features codes, too. They haven’t posted original content in almost two years, though.

The nett Demon Piece code lands once the game hits 10k likes.

Demon Piece patch notes

Here are the patch notes for the April 24, 2024 Demon Piece update:

  • Fixed gamepass gifting/buying
  • Fixed dataloss (anyone who lost it will be getting restored)
  • Fixed sea beast not dying issue
  • Fixed shop stock
  • Fixed Forest Nymphs X move
  • Fixed logia moves not hititng npcs with logia
  • Buffed dark blade skills / m1s
  • Buffed all swords m1s
  • Fixed gas moves having lower mastery requirement then listed
  • Some more information on chances added to the trello, and sea dragon info, and shop refresh times
  • Fixed tremor C move not working
  • Fixed not being able to store/drop fruits and it breaking your game

When is the next Demon Piece update?

Though no exact date has been set, Demon Piece UPD 1 is being teased to drop “soon.”

For more Roblox codes, we have to direct you to the other popular One Piece games. Try King Legacy codes, Legacy Fruit codes, and One Fruit Simulator codes. It’s no surprise there are so many: they’re the best-performing anime games on the platform.

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