Content Warning bestiary: All monster types and weaknesses explained

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Content Warning is all about filming scary monsters with your friends to get those sweet SpookTube views, but just like in Lethal Company, the creatures can kill you and your group really fast if you aren’t careful.

The game doesn’t have an official bestiary like Lethal Company does, though, so the community has been left in the dark about the monsters.

We don’t know their names and there are no official strategies for defeating them, but that hasn’t stopped the Content Warning community. So far, we’ve uncovered a bunch of the creatures that lurk in the shadowy halls of the old world facility and the best ways to survive an encounter with them so you can escape with your filmed footage.

Every Creature in Content Warning Explained

While there isn’t an official way to look at enemy names in game, the Content Warning community has datamined the names of every creature that you can find. The table below will include the official names of every monster plus descriptions and images so you can match their appearances to their titles.

EnemyDescriptionHow to Survive
SpiderA short, eight-legged creature with a flat face that spins webs.

Content Warning Spider

Avoid its webs and run away.
ToolkitA tall mannequin with a kitchen mixer or other appliance for a head.

Content Warning Toolkit

Dodge its dash and make it run into things.
MoutheA strange frog-like creature with a wide stance and small eyes.

Content Warning Mouthe

SlurperA star-shaped creature that lives on ceilings and catches players with rope.

Content Warning Slurper Starfish

Throw an item at it by holding down the Q key to charge your throw.
Barnacle BallA slow, boulder-shaped monster with tentacles protruding from it. Can also suck players in with wind currents.

Content Warning Barnacle Ball

Run away and use walls/corners to avoid getting sucked in.
SnatchoA rarely-seen shadowy figure that grabs and quickly kills players that it touches. Often accompanied by a loud noise.

Content Warning Snatcho

Shine a flashlight directly on it to make it disappear. The camera’s light works too.
Big SlapA gargantuan humanoid monster with sharp teeth.

Content Warning Big Slap

Don’t get spotted.
WeepingA Iron Maiden-like trap that kidnaps a player and forces their teammates to solve a Captcha puzzle to free them.

Content Warning Iron Maiden

Solve the Captcha puzzle.
JelloA fast-moving liquid blob.

Content Warning Slime Blob

It’s mostly harmless. Just get away from it so it doesn’t kidnap you and separate you from the group.
DogA small robot armed with a machine gun with a red laser.

Content Warning Gun Dog

Use cover to avoid its line of sight.
HarpoonA short cartoony ghost armed with a knife.

Content Warning Harpoon Ghost Knife

Dodge the first few knife swings and it will run away. Be wary of subsequent attacks.
Ear A four-legged creature with a giant ear for a head and slender limbs.

Content Warning Ear

Scream loudly into your microphone to overwhelm it and force it to flee.
AnglerA fishlike creature that resembles a deep sea anglerfish with two large hands, two wide eyes, and a gaping maw with sharp teeth.
BombsAn alien-like creature that throws explosive grenades at you before blowing itself up.

Content Warning Bomb

Bait it into throwing bombs at you and then run away when it starts glowing. Get a safe distance away before it detonates.
EyeGuyA short creature with massive eyeballs all over its head and sharp, stubby arms.

Content Warning Eyeguy

Don’t point your flashlight directly at its eyes or it will become aggressive. When its pupils get small, it’s angry.
FlickerA jellyfish-like creature with dangling legs and wide sticks protruding from both sides of its head
GhostA ghostly figure with no legs.
LarvaA massive worm-like creature with two huge arms that chases down players to grab and throw them.

Content Warning Larva

Just run away. Your sprint is much faster than it. Be careful not to run into one while your stamina is depleted.
ZombieA snail-like creature that walks upright and slowly chases players around.

Content Warning Zombie Snail

Just run away. It’s way to slow to catch you, but they can overwhelm you if they show up in large groups in confined spaces.

Deadlier creatures will appear as you reach higher view counts and make it further into the game. Make sure to stock up on the best items to survive your next Content Warning run.

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