COD Mobile Season 4: APK Download Link, Official Links, Installation Guide

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Players can update to COD Mobile Season 4 via official App Store links or use third-party APK to access the latest features.

COD Mobile Season 4 will witness collaboration with a new upcoming SRPG title 'Path to Nowhere', promising themed events and potential free rewards.

COD Mobile Season 4 also introduces the Dropkick Mode in which players will have to secure a briefcase and hold onto it for as long as possible.

Call of Duty Mobile (COD Mobile) continues to excite fans with the arrival of Season 4, which promises to bring a slew of new features and enhancements to this popular mobile gaming platform.

As the game evolves, each season introduces fresh content, revamped gameplay mechanics, and sometimes even new characters and maps, keeping the experience engaging for both new and seasoned players.

COD Mobile Season 4: APK and Official Download Links

With the update now available, players have two main options for downloading; third-party APK links and official links provided by the respective app stores.

  • Google Play Store Link: Click Here

  • Apple App Store Link: Click Here

  • APK Download Link (Third Party): Click Here (Check for March 2024 Version)

  • Garena Version APK: Click Here (Check for March 2024 Version)

COD Mobile Season 4: New Features

COD Mobile Season 4 is set to introduce exciting updates and a new collaboration. A key highlight is the addition of Dropkick multiplayer mode, where players compete to secure a briefcase, with the team holding it the longest declared the winner. This new mode promises to bring a fresh strategic challenge to the gameplay.

Additionally, Season 4 will feature a new collaboration with the SRPG game 'Path to Nowhere', developed by Ino Games. While details are scarce on whether this collaboration will extend beyond the Chinese version of COD Mobile, it is expected to introduce themed events and possibly free rewards tied to the collaboration.

COD Mobile Season 4: Launch Date

These updates and rewards collectively enhance the gaming experience, providing both new content and opportunities for players to enhance their arsenal and character roster in the game.

COD Mobile Season 4 is expected to launch around 17th or 18th April 2024, following the conclusion of COD Mobile Season 3.

The current COD Mobile Season 3 is also an opportunity for players to earn free rewards, which offers 'Vintage Vigilance' allowing players to unlock items like the epic blueprint for the AK 117 assault rifle named 'Savaged Fate' through the 'Hop to it' in-game event.

Moreover, players can obtain trial versions of legendary blueprints like the DLQ Bass Booster and the PPSH Combustion by completing tasks within designated timeframes

Published On: 15 Apr 2024, 09:55 AM

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