Check out this glitch for infinite shards in Destiny 2 before it is gone

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Infinite shards for a finite time

By the time you’re reading this, chances are Bungie developers will be hard at work at Destiny 2 headquarters trying to fix this rampant and easy-to-perform glitch, so let’s get to it. There’s a new method to easily acquire legendary shards in Destiny 2, and odds are it’ll be gone before the weekend.

Want to get infinite shards in Destiny 2? Well, then this is what you have to do

  • Meet up with Ikora at The Tower, and take one of the exotic quests. Any will do the trick, so maybe get the first one.
  • Follow the quest steps until the fourth step. No more, no less.
  • Head back toward Ikora, talk to her, then get away from her without taking the armor.
  • Open the menu and chose to abandon the quest.
  • Talk to her again, and congrats, you’ll now be able to take infinite pieces of exotic armor.
  • Now you just have to dismantle the exotic pieces of armor until you get tired of being rich or Bungie fixes the leaky golden fountain.

You’ll get legendary shards each time you dismantle something, and you can keep doing it constantly. Youtuber Divide managed to blow this wide open, and you can watch their tutorial on how to use the glitch below:

Bungie will surely make short work of this bug very soon, so we highly recommend you check out this sweet early summer gift as soon as you can.

[Update: Some players are reporting that there was a quick server-side fix that kicked them out of the game at roughly 6PM ET. If you’re still in, you might be able to squeeze some shards in.]

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