Cephalofair Games announces Gloomhaven: Second Edition

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Today, a new and improved version of the hit game Gloomhaven was revealed by Isaac Childres and his team. Gloomhaven: Second Edition still possesses the core elements of the original but adds new quality-of-life improvements and content taken from player feedback. You can help support the release by checking out the Gloomhaven Backerkit Campaign when it launches on June 20th. More details are below:

As Cephalofair heads into their most extensive crowdfunding campaign yet, launching on BackerKit June 20th with Gloomhaven: The Role Playing Game and Miniatures of Gloomhaven line, the team is pleased to announce the surprise rerelease of the flagship game that started it all… 

Gloomhaven: Second Edition is a revised and elevated version of the award-winning core game of Gloomhaven. This is the culmination of everything Isaac Childres and the growing Cephalofair Games team have learned since Gloomhaven’s initial release, including feedback from the community, playtesters, co-designers, and developers. This new edition is the new best way to experience Gloomhaven.

The world, story, and challenging gameplay are all still the same, but there is a plethora of additional content to explore. Even for those who have played Gloomhaven before, this edition brings new material to the table, with rebalanced and redesigned mercenary classes, items, and scenarios, as well as brand new artwork, newly written narrative and events, updated miniatures, a new faction-based reputation system, and more. 

For those that haven’t played Gloomhaven or have only played Jaws of the Lion, this will be a fantastic way to jump into a larger, epic experience. For people who have already played, this is a great way to revisit the legendary game, see all the updates, learn more about the world, and discover new secrets. 

From Isaac Childres, Founder, Cephalofair Games – 

“While Gloomhaven is well-loved, I’m not sure anyone would call it perfect. I am excited to have the opportunity to make this incredible game even better with a lot of polishing and refining of the content, based on what I and the team have learned over the past six years by listening to fans and playing the game a lot ourselves. This new edition is going to be even more fantastic.”

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