Call of Dragons, Farlight Games' anticipated MMOSLG, has finally launched on mobile and PC

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After dropping loads of teasers over the last month, Farlight Games, the minds behind the super popular RPG Dislyte, have just released its latest project titled Call of Dragons. The MMOSLG is now available on PC and mobile and it features stunning combat in real-time, on a battlefield that can be infinitely zoomed into. Watch the launch trailer embedded below.

In Call of Dragons, players will be tasked with protecting their village with an army full of powerful warriors and fire-breathing monsters. The goal is to take control of nearby kingdoms or form alliances with others. As players progress through the game, they will unlock magical Artifact Skills and a roster of unique, fantasy-themed heroes.

The game takes place in the humongous land of Tamaris, which is inhabited by a diverse set of individuals. On the ground, there are natives like the pastry-loving orcs, magical spellcasting elvish archers, among hundreds of companions that will be found on the journey. But the real hosts of Tamaris are in the name of the game.


Dragons! Tamaris is filled with fire-breathers which players can raise from hatchlings to full-blown adults. These mighty beasts can be used to slay enemy dragons, solve conflicts between clans, and do the toughest task of them all – enslaving the imperial dragon. Additionally, the in-game bosses can also be tamed in order to enlist them in the alliance.

Call of Dragons features a deep high-fantasy lore that has been ingrained in the PvP mechanics. Valuable items are hiding in every corner and exploration will always be rewarded. As players find villages, they will unlock minigames, side quests, and song fragments, which must be pieced together to recreate Tamaris’ history.

Don’t miss out on the other Behemoths too! They are powerful beasts like the Giant Bear, who have numerous skills that can be used on the battlefield. They can be befriended around the world so keep an eye out.

Download Call of Dragons now for free by clicking on either link below.

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