Bungie Quietly Patches Destiny 2's Vagina Armband

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Concept art shows a Warlock armband.

Image: Bungie

Destiny 2 has gotten a bunch of hotfixes since the Lightfall expansion launched several weeks ago, but none like yesterday’s update. A fix not mentioned in the patch notes secretly changed the game’s newest Warlock armband armor to make it look less like a vagina.

Bond of Detestation is a class item that drops from Destiny 2's new Root of Nightmares raid that went live on March 10 and focuses on Nezarec, an old disciple of the game’s arch antagonist, The Witness. Up until Thursday it could have been mistaken for an alien fleshlight, mostly because of a small horizontal slit across the front of it.

It sort of looks like an eyeball, maybe, not really. Its resemblance to a vulva was especially noticeable when certain shaders were applied. Players suggested all sorts of names for it–Witnussy, Nezussy, Nezzylight–but “Bondussy” was the one that stuck.

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As first reported by Forbes’ Paul Tassi, Bungie has now stepped in to take the horny down a notch. This week’s hotfix addressed a number of bugs. The biggest change from the patch notes was a fix for the infamous Thresher gunships that had been murdering players throughout the solar system. Completely unmentioned was the fact that the hotfix also removed the Bondussy’s slit to make it look much less suggestive. It’s sort of now just a giant space pearl.

Stealth content changes and visual adjustments like this are rare, in part because the Destiny 2 community is hyper sensitive to every little shift in its sci-fi universe. Bungie removed a piece of armor back in 2017 because it had an alt-right symbol on it with Nazi origins. Bondussy wasn’t hate speech, though it clearly must have run afoul of Bungie’s broader artistic intentions for the raid armor. Or maybe the studio just didn’t like the nickname “Bondussy.”

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