Build-a-Bear Brought Back the Pokemon Dragonite Plush

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Build-a-Bear announced it is pulling one of its Pokemon plush out of retirement, as Dragonite is back. People can get a bundle with it online, and it is not available on the US storefront for $65 and the UK one for £50. 

As a reminder, it’s been quite a few years since Dragonite debuted. The character first flew into Build-a-Bear stores back in December 2020. It’s known for being one of the more awkwardly-sized members of the Pokemon collection. This is due to its tail and wings. That means it can’t wear the same outfits as other plush from the store. The price has gone up on it since its original launch, though. When it first debuted, it was $59/£45.  

The Build-a-Bear rerun of the Dragonite Pokemon plush contains all the same accessories as before. You get the 15 inch plush with a five-in-one sound chip inserted into it, the blue Dragonite Hat and Scarf set, and the purple and white Dragonite Cape. 

As a refresher, here’s how it looks:

Images via Build-a-Bear

The last new Pokemon plush to debut at the store was Bidoof. It joined the line of toys in March 2024. It followed Charizard

The Dragonite Pokemon plush is back again at the online Build-a-Bear storefront. 

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