Bloodthirsy zombie game Dying Light 2 is free to play this weekend

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Dying Light 2‘s Firearms update is the most substantial Dying Light 2 expansion yet, adding guns to the game. The new Reloaded Edition, dropping alongside it, also includes co-op survivor missions, board quests, and several visual enhancements to make this weekend’s free to play event a no-brainer.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Reloaded Edition comes to PS5, PS4, Xbox consoles, and PC on February 22, 2024. Its free weekend event runs from February 22-26 and invites Steam players to try it out.

The zombie game‘s Reloaded Edition has everything from the previous updates, new Firearms update, and Bloody Ties DLC. If you already have the Dying Light 2 standard edition, you’ll get an automatic upgrade to Reloaded without paying a cent.

If you’ve not played it yet, Dying Light 2 stands out in its genre because of the focus on agility, rooftop parkour, and the player’s ability to shape the world. In our Dying Light 2 review, we said it fails to stick all its landings, but at no cost, it’s well worth trying out for yourself.

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Developer and publisher Techland Publishing have added a steady stream of features since launch too, such as Dying Light 2 mod support. With ongoing support that outlasted a rocky launch, fans have enjoyed the traversal and diverse range of factions to pick from.

And now thanks to the Firearms update, you can use guns in the game. Previously, Dying Light 2’s combat had been melee-focused, and the only firearm, the Boomstick, could only be equipped as an accessory. So this switches things up.

Techland had seemingly avoided adding guns due to the idea of melee combat being more rewarding. As time goes on, however, recapturing the hearts and minds of its players likely takes priority — new weapons to play with is a great way to do that.

If you’re new to the scene and need some tips, see our advice on the Dying Light 2 factions. Or, check out all the upcoming PC games coming soon.

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