Best Sentinel Mastery Class in Last Epoch

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Sentinel players in Last Epoch have to choose between the Paladin, Forge Guard, and Void Knight as their Mastery Class — but which should you choose? This guide aims to help you make your most significant choice in Last Epoch a little easier.

What is the best Sentinel Mastery Class in Last Epoch?

  1. Paladin
  2. Forge Guard
  3. Void Knight

The best Sentinel Mastery Class in Last Epoch is arguably the Paladin. While Forge Guards have colossal potential in the endgame, Paladins stay consistently powerful from the very beginning, offering a buttery smooth leveling process, easy gearing, and active playstyle.

All Last Epoch Senintel Mastery Classes, ranked worst to best

Last Epoch does an excellent job of keeping Mastery Classes balanced, meaning that all Sentinel Mastery Classes are perfectly viable. While we’ve crowned Paladin as the best Mastery Class for the Sentinel, the Void Knight and especially Forge Guard are still excellent with the right build.

Void Knight

If you were asked to pick the worst between three donuts, the donut you chose is still likely delicious, right? That’s the case with the Void Knight. It’s the lowest on the list but still exceptionally powerful with the right talents and gear.

The Hammer Throw Smite build is a favorite in the community in endgame content, obliterating enemies with a swarm of hammers and a shower of void bolts. Void Knights are also a fun leveling class, becoming much more powerful the further you venture into the campaign.

Forge Guard

At the time of writing, Maxroll considers the Manifest Armor Forge Guard the best possible Sentinel build for boss fights. While somewhat lacking in AoE, this build pulls exceptional single-target damage that melts bosses — and comes with a fun companion.

The Forge Guard also pulls enormous damage while leveling, making it an excellent choice for players looking for a simple Class with single-target-focused damage and the option for a combat pet, like Primalists and Falconer Rogues.


Paladin is my top choice for Sentinel Mastery Classes in Last Epoch and the Class of my main character. With a Javelin-focused build, the Paladin is near-unkillable, has unbelievable AoE potential, and is a blast to level with.

The Paladin also has the most potential for varied playstyles, with various powerful builds to play around with. Since you can’t change your Mastery Class, this is incredibly important for anyone looking to play their character for a long time or those who love experimenting with different spells.

Now you’ve (hopefully) chosen a Mastery Class for your Sentinel, it’s time to get down to business. Check out our guide on creating and importing loot filters to suit your new Mastery Class. Even for a loot fiend like myself, I found loot filters to be one of the best features in Last Epoch that more ARPGs need to implement.

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