Best Meadowlands farm layout and features in Stardew Valley

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The Meadowlands farm in Stardew Valley is new with the 1.6 update, so what would the best layout be and what are its standout features? Here’s how you can set up your farm and how it works compared to the other farms.

Stardew Valley: Best Meadowlands farm features

Two standout features make the Meadowlands farm good for beginners and special from the other farms. The first one is the fact that it starts you out with a Chicken Coop and two baby Chickens! In all other Stardew Valley farms, you have to make enough money by selling crops to even afford a coop or a barn.

Chicken CoopScreenshot: PC Invasion

However, the Meadowlands farm is much more focused on farming animal products than growing crops. Sure, you have room for crops, but there are a lot of grassy areas for your animals to enjoy. The second big feature is the blue grass. There’s nothing too special about this blue grass besides the fact that it’s chewy, so animals must love it.

You have a ton of space to play around with for your barns and coops, but I’d try to give your animals some of that blue grass. Not all of it, as it can disappear completely. If you place items on top of grass, animals won’t be able to eat it, so doing this can allow more blue grass to grow.

Best Meadowlands Farm Layout And Features In Stardew Valley MapScreenshot: PC Invasion

From the overview of your entire farm above, you can see that the Chicken Coop is situated just to the left of your house. Then to the left of that is where your Greenhouse will be. The cave is the farthest away from everything else, as it’s south of your home.

Best Meadowlands Farm Layout And Features In Stardew Valley HouseScreenshot: PC Invasion

I’d also like to point out what you get inside of your house. You already start with a dresser in your home, which is nice to have for organizing the clothes you collect. Inside your starter package, you receive 15 Hay. This can give you a nice start on your animals, and although you don’t receive any seeds you can make enough money with eggs to purchase some.

If you would prefer a Stardew Valley farm that favors selling animal products over crops, then the Meadowlands farm is your best choice. Already starting with two Chickens is a big bonus as well, since you’ll be collecting eggs and turning them into mayonnaise in no time.

Best Meadowlands farm layout designs

With every farm comes a different playstyle and layout of where you can place your buildings and crops. As you can already tell, you have a ton of space to place barns and coops for your future animals. Although players haven’t had a ton of time yet with 1.6, many of them have already created beautiful layouts on this farm and shared them online. Here are some incredible designs that you should look to for inspiration.

The FarmsofStardewValley subreddit includes many posts already about the Meadowlands farm, and I personally love this one quite a bit. The user “Independent_Gain2240” and their partner have already gotten pretty far on their Meadowlands farm. Although, this was created with mods, so keep that in mind, since they were able to get rid of the large pond in the middle. If you’re into Stardew Valley mods, you should think about a farm like this.

This layout by “MoistestMango” also has the help of mods, but it seems like a layout you can still achieve without mods. Most players take advantage of the area just below their house to plant crops, while having a secondary crop area around the big pond. Everything else is dedicated to farm buildings and animals.

“OviteHenry” has also planned out their Meadowlands farm, and I have to point out the small secluded area in the northwest corner of the map. I like the idea of the Greenhouse going there, as it’s pretty small and there’s not much you can do with it. Otherwise, everything’s very orderly and organized with the four fish ponds in a row and evenly-placed barns.

Those were the best Meadowlands farm features and layout designs in Stardew Valley. Hopefully, you enjoy playing a new Stardew Valley save file on the Meadowlands farm and can appreciate all that the 1.6 update has to offer!

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