Best items to sell in Dragon’s Dogma 2

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Some items may be slowing you down both literally and figuratively. Let’s fix that. Here are the best items to sell in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Dragon’s Dogma 2: Best items to sell

In my gears of being a musician, buying and selling gear was a day-to-day activity I pretty much enjoyed. Not only did I sometimes make a profit thanks to some “high-level marketing strategies” but also it helped with major space needs. Whether you use heavy armor or not, you will soon find out that you need to do the same with all the items you have collected in your adventures in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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So, do you need a new upgrade or do you need to lose major weight due to your current carry weight capacity? Then selling can certainly help you, but it is a bit tricky due to the incessant fear of “what if I sell something important.” Well, that’s what we are here for. Of course, you could say that the best items to sell are the most valuable ones, but why would you sell an item you can use for your benefit?

Instead, some items are more common or aren’t as useful while still being valuable that you can focus on selling. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Bulk sell: Lesser monster materials

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If there is something that many players have pointed out in a variety of ways and intensity, it is that you will encounter enemies every 5 seconds when walking across Vernworth or Battahl. While that could be an annoyance – and it certainly can be – you can still make the best out of the situation. By picking up every single item from these enemies – which will more often than not be monster parts – you will soon amass a great collection of grotesque and smelly items that some may regard as trash while others as bounty.

When you have a decent number of copies of the same items, visit a vendor and sell them all your monster material at once. If done correctly, you will make some money that could come in handy once you need to upgrade. With that being said, don’t you sell higher-tier enemy material – for example, from Drakes or Griffins – since you will certainly need those to further upgrade your weapons and armor.

Outdated, duplicate, or unusable armor and weapons

Dragons Dogma 2 Battahli Biters

Something you will soon find out is that, while you can certainly enjoy brandishing your early-game sword at the enemy’s face, said weapon will not stay with you for long. Once you visit the major cities of the world of Dragon’s Dogma 2, you will get to visit store owners who will sell you equipment that will make your current weapon look like a toothpick in comparison.

Well, that means, it’s selling time, baby! Once you have enough gold to purchase a piece of equipment that will replace your current one – and if you are certain of your purchase – you can unequip your weapons or gear to sell it to the vendor and have some extra money in hand. Who knows, maybe that’s the extra bit of cash you needed to get it in the first place!

This will also apply to any duplicates you may encounter in the wild as well as unusable armor or weapons. This last one will happen quite often, which will see you finding equipment suitable for other Vocations you or your Pawn does not belong to. If you are sure you will never change to said vocation, then just sell it altogether. Pro tip: by changing to a new vocation for the first time, you will receive the base equipment for free, so you could do that with every single Vocation and then sell all of the gear to get some easy money once!

Gems do look nice, but they are a luxury you can sell

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Finally, we have the precious gems you will come very rarely during your travels in Dragon’s Dogma 2: Jasper, Onyx, and Tiger Eye. While these are extremely rare and will appear in very dangerous or secluded areas, as enemy drops, or as rewards for specific quests, getting one is a fast trip to major wealth.

Selling these gems is a must since none of them are used for equipment upgrading or enhancement, so don’t feel bad about letting go of these beauties. However, if you wish to maximize your income, you need to know where to sell each of them by one simple rule: supply and demand.

  • Jasper: due to the limited supply of this gem, sell this at Battahl.
  • Onyx: Vermund vendors will love this gem due to their scarcity in the area.
  • Tiger Eyes: Elven vendors across Sacred Arbor will pay good money for these.

Sell your gems in said areas and you will potentially quadruple the amount of money you can sell them for. That, in combination with the other items you now know you can freely sell, will make you gather all the money in the world to purchase the best weapons and even the strongest armor in the game for your Arisen and Pawn. Just don’t be scared and sell everything that can be sold and prepare yourself for some major purchases.

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