Best Deck-Building Games on Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S (2023)

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Card games never go out of style. With technological advancements, most card games have transitioned into digital versions of the game. No longer do you have to have friends over to play your favorite card games. Or, struggle to keep track of the math and the rules of the game on a piece of paper. What’s more? These types of games have evolved to include elements from other genres. Perhaps you’re a horror fan or prefer roguelike games, nearly every gaming genre you can think of has a card game devoted to it. 

Oh, and the games introduce twists of their own into traditional card games. Like you, I sometimes don’t start with a full deck of cards. Instead, you work your way through the game, collecting more powerful cards, and gradually building the ultimate deck that will take down any competitor ones. Hence the name, “deck-building games,” which cultivate tactical thinking, on-the-fly moves, and a sprinkle of luck to win. If you’d like to jump into a deck-building game that’s worth your time and money, these best deck-building games on Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S (2023) are a great place to start. 

5. One Step from Eden

One Step From Eden - Announce Trailer

One Step from Eden is a strategic deck-building game that spreads its wings to other genres like relentless real-time grid combat and rogue-like elements. Fights take place on an 8 by 4 battleground, where players build the most powerful deck that casts the most brutal spells on the fly. The more powerful your deck, the more your enemies evolve, growing stronger, and trying their best to keep you from Eden.

There’s a kind of rush that travels through your body as you engage in One Step from Eden’s frantic, fast-paced battles. Mid-battle, the grid bursts into a dazzling burst of energy, displaying a gorgeously chaotic run. With nine unique characters, each with multiple kits, you have plenty of room to experiment with dynamic, destructive combos.

Furthermore, the game never sticks to what works. Instead, it gives you variety and game-changing artifacts to synergize with and invent new strategies on the go. You can also make allies or enemies as you choose to play with a friend on the couch or opt for online co-op. It’s a straightforward game that capitalizes on speed while still offering impressive hours of replayability.

4. Dicey Dungeons

Dicey Dungeons Xbox Trailer

Dicey Dungeons took the neat little concept of dice tossing in traditional card games and made it into a game. Players take on the role of giant human dice, navigating the claustrophobic walls of an ever-changing dungeon, and trying to escape ruthless Lady Luck. Although the premise sounds simple, there’s more than enough content to go around.

The dungeons will have monsters lurking in the shadows. Fortunately, you’ll have the chance to loot and level up. Once you’re strong enough, you may even manage to take down Lady Luck herself. There are also other characters you interact with, like the thief who steals from the enemy every chance he gets, or the inventor who destroys their tools to get parts for new gadgets. 

Dicey Dungeons is so good, a free DLC with six brand-new episodes was released, called Dicey Dungeons: Reunion. So, all that’s left is finding out whether the luck of a dice roll is on your side. 

3. Minion Masters

Minion Masters Release Trailer

I love games that are simple yet tough to master. You shouldn’t spend a lifetime figuring out how a game works, but rather how to win. Minion Masters understands that perfectly, curating a fast-paced online minion battle game anyone can jump into.

The premise is simple enough. Choose a hero, build your deck, and outsmart the competition using ruthless minions and powerful spells. As the game progresses, you build an army of minions that you can swap around in head-to-head battles with other players. 

Each minion has unique mechanics, which also grow stronger and evolve the more games you win. See, it’s simple yet tough. At later stages, more gameplay elements are introduced, like capturing bridges to gain the upper hand in duels. So, you do have to plan ahead. Additionally, building the strongest army will require strategic thinking thanks to the thousands of characters and spells available.

2. Monster Train

Monster Train Xbox Launch Trailer

Among the best deck-building games on Xbox this year is Monster Train. This is a tactical roguelike deck-building game that has its own unique twist. Players take a train to hell, with each stop fashioning a vertical battleground you’re tasked with defending at a time. If you lose, you’ll meet the same bad guys at the next stop, and if they manage to get to the top, then they destroy your pyre.

Thinking ahead is absolutely crucial here. You’ll have to decide which stops to place your best guys, keeping in mind that different stops have different benefits you can use to recruit powerful units, upgrade your cards and characters, and get perks like duplicating any card in your deck.

1. Fights in Tight Spaces

Fights in Tight Spaces Game Preview Launch Trailer

Fights in Tight Spaces is a deceptively fun game. It’s more than a deck-building treat, taking a step further to incorporate turn-based tactics and thrilling fight sequences in tight spaces. There are more than 200 cards to build your most powerful deck with. 

Remember that each player has a certain playstyle that works for them. And for a game like this, you’ll need specifics like hand balance, momentum, and even the positioning of your agents to beat the odds of winning.

There are other critical factors to consider. Like the environments where the fights take place and how to use them to your advantage. Also, planning ahead on how to upgrade your moves and which enhancements to equip your agents with will come in handy. Furthermore, it’s great that there’s an underlying story, too; the events that led to the formation of Section Eleven and the brutal way that Section Eleven decides to handle things. 

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our list of best deck-building games on Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S (2023)? Are there more deck-building games on Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S we should know about? Let us know down in the comments or over on our socials here.

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