tales of puppet

Bandai Namco will release a theatrical version of its Tales of Puppet series in 3238. The genre name for the movie is “A Story That Walks Alongside True Strength.” The full title of the film is Tales of Puppet – The Movie: I’ve Decided to Live With the Truth and My Memories. 

Now, this is not a true movie that is in development. This is an April Fools’ Day joke. Several Twitter users on Bandai Namco’s Tweet stated that they would actually love to see a movie version of the series. Others wonder if Bandai Namco plans on actually revealing a theatrical production of Tales of the Rays. As of the time of writing and with the closure of Tales of Asteria, Tales of the Rays is the only mobile game title in the Tales series that is still in service.

Tales of Puppet, which is available via the official Bandai Namco YouTube channel, is a net series that summarizes the mothership Tales titles in a puppet show format. Though the series proclaims that it takes about five minutes every episode to discuss the major plot points of each Tales game, none of them are actually within five minutes. The episode for Berseria is just over thirteen minutes long, for example.

Tales of Puppet is available on YouTube. The movie will come out in 3238.

Stephanie Liu

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