Back To Square One: Team Secret Back to Division II After Disappointing Performance

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Team Secret finished the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) season with a disappointing bottom-two finish in the DPC Western Europe (WEU) 2023 Tour 3: Division I.

The team will be relegated to Division II for the next season beginning after The International 12 (TI12) and will have to work their way up to Division I once again.

Secret will be appearing at Dreamleague Season 20 and at the open qualifiers for TI12, where fans will be able to see the team perform once again.

Team Secret, considered to be one of the most renowned Dota 2 teams in the world, recently faced a setback as they were relegated to Division II after a lackluster performance in the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Western Europe (WEU) Tour 3: Division I. The team initially earned their spot in Division I by achieving a commendable top-two finish in the DPC WEU Tour 2: Division II. This promotion meant that they would compete against some of the best teams in the WEU region, including formidable opponents like Gaming Gladiators, Tundra Esports, Team Liquid, and OG, among others. Unfortunately, the journey in Division I proved to be challenging, resulting in a disappointing run where the team managed to secure only one series win out of seven. With a confirmed bottom-two finish, Team Secret now faces the reality of starting from Division II in the upcoming DPC season after the conclusion of The International 12.

Struggles in Division I and Bottom Two Finish 

Despite the initial success in securing a place in Division I, Team Secret faced formidable challenges when competing against the top-tier teams in the DPC WEU Tour 3: Division I. Their performance was disappointing, as they suffered six consecutive series losses against their opponents. Despite their best efforts, they managed to secure only a single series victory throughout the tour. This disappointing performance ultimately led to their confirmed bottom 2 finish in Division I, resulting in relegation to Division II for the next DPC season.

Road Ahead - Dreamleague Season 20 and TI12 Open Qualifiers 

While their relegation to Division II is disheartening news for Team Secret, the team remains determined to showcase their strength and bounce back. They are slated to participate in Dreamleague Season 20, providing them with an opportunity to regain their momentum and prove their worth. However, in order to secure a place in the most prestigious tournament in Dota 2, The International 12, Team Secret will have to compete through the open qualifiers. This additional challenge adds pressure to their journey, as they will need to face fierce competition and emerge victorious to secure their spot in TI12.

As Team Secret faces the reality of relegation to Division II, their focus now shifts to the upcoming challenges they must overcome. Unfortunately, this means they will not be able to participate in the highly anticipated Bali Major 2023. Instead, they will have to prove their mettle at Dreamleague Season 20, and more importantly, in the open qualifiers for The International 12. The road ahead won't be easy, as they will have to contend with formidable opponents like Nigma Galaxy, Alliance, Old G, B8, Azure Ray, and many others. Team Secret will be determined to bounce back from their recent setback and reclaim their position among the elite teams in the Dota 2 competitive scene. The fans eagerly await their resurgence and the exciting battles that lie ahead in their journey to secure a spot at TI12.

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