Attack on Titan Revolution codes June 2024

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Get 200 spins with the latest Attack on Titan Revolution codes for the prelude to Update 1.

Attack on Titan Revolution, shortened to AoT Revolution (or simply AoTR), is basically a sequel to a popular Roblox action game based on the gory anime/manga sensation that shares its name.

Attack on Titan Revolution codes are the best way to boost a new character up at a moment’s notice. You can encourage more AOTR codes to drop by liking the game page.

Attack on Titan Revolution codes

Working AoTR codes

  • LIKES145K | 25 spins + 1x Anime all star crate [JJK]
  • LIKES160K | 25 spins + 1x Blade burst crate
  • LIKES175K | 50 spins + 1 2x Luck potion
  • LIKES200K | 100 spins
  • LIKES115K | 50 spins
  • LIKES130K | 50 spins
  • MEMBERS250K | 2x Luck (30 mins) and 3 All-Star JJK Crates

Expired AOTR codes

  • LIKES100K
  • LIKES90K
  • LIKES80K
  • LIKES70K
  • LIKES60K
  • LIKES50K
  • LIKES45K
  • LIKES40K
  • LIKES35K

How to redeem codes in Attack on Titan Revolution

Here’s a quick and easy way to redeem your AOTR codes:

The Attack on Titan Revolution main menu screen with the codes option highlighted.Just click the Codes option on the AOTR main menu to bring up a menu in the bottom right for redeeming codes.
  • Click the Codes option on the main menu.
  • Enter a code in the box that appears in the bottom-right.
  • Hit Redeem.

AOTR Roadmap

Here’s what’s coming with each planned major Attack on Titan Revolution update. It’s not clear when the UPD 1 release date will be just yet:

  • UPD 1 (release date: TBD)
    • Attack Raid
    • Resonance
  • UPD 2 (release date: TBD)
    • Missions
    • Mythic Perks
    • Utgard
  • (release date: TBD)UPD 3
    • Armoured Raid
    • Armoured Shifting
    • Thunderspears
  • UPD 4 (release date: TBD)
    • Trading
    • Perma-death
    • Waves
  • Future
    • Open world
    • PVP
    • Regiment revamp
    • Female Titans

Is there an Attack on Titan Revolution Trello link?

Though you’ll struggle to find it on the Discord, there is an Attack on Titan Trello link. Just click that to find out everything you need to know about NPCs, enemies, families, and all that good stuff. It’s recommended reading before you jump in.

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