Atlas Fallen gets a three-month delay, now launching in August

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The folks behind The Surge games - Deck13 - had only announced a release date for their next action RPG earlier this month, but it seems Atlas Fallen needs more time to cook. Publisher Focus Entertainment today announced a three-month delay to August 10th - an appropriately summery window for a game set in sandy fantasy deserts.

“Our goal has always been to create a memorable A-RPG experience in a unique setting, with exciting gameplay and the option for fully playable seamless co-op with a friend,” reads the Twitter delay announcement. “We’d love to give the game some extra time which will allow us to deliver the best possible version of Atlas Fallen” The post also teases new in-game footage and our first look at the drop-in co-op “in early summer."

Not long ago, the studio released the hack-n-slasher’s first gameplay trailer, featuring 15 seconds of actual hack-n-slashing, give or take a few milliseconds. The snippets we did peek at looked bombastic - a healthy dose of fast-paced melee swinging, mixed in with some Monster Hunter-sized beasties to ground-pound. You can also glide around Atlas Fallen’s beautiful world, sometimes leaving streaks of sand in your wake. Although Ed’s hands-off preview hints at dragon riding? Arguably the peak form of video game traversal.

Fans of The Surge will tell you they’re some of the very best Soulslikes outside of FromSoft, so I’m keen to see what the studio does while moving away from that formula. Mimicking my last Atlas Fallen release date news post, I’ll leave you with a bit from Brendan’s very positive review of The Surge 2: "It's that rejection of fast travel and a devotion to twisting paths that makes this one of the purest devotees of an old Souls philosophy,” he said. “The carefree amputation of half the city's populace is keeping my fingers and thumbs entertained, sure, but the shortcuts and secrets are keeping my brain occupied.”

The Surge 2 will now launch on August 10th via Steam with a price tag of £44/€50/$50.

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