Athena Crisis is an upcoming turn-based strategy game with retro-styled graphics

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Null Games has just announced its latest project, Athena Crisis, a retro-styled turn-based strategy game coming mobile next year. It is being developed by Nakazawa Tech KK and puts players in command of district units consisting of infantry, tanks, and the air force.

Athena Crisis draws inspiration from leaders of the genre like Into the Breach, Advance Wats, and XCOM, bringing a captivating single-player campaign and online multiplayer modes with an added layer of cohesivity. What I mean by that is, any action in one game world may have effects on another player’s experience, creating a massive interconnected universe.

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In addition to the warfare, creative minds also have something to look out for as the game comes with an intricate map editor, which enables players to make their own battlefields. On top of that, the entire campaign can be customized, allowing players to write their own adventures. These edits can be shared with others so that everyone can join in on the fun.

Describing the upcoming game, Chris Wanstrath, founder of Null Games, said: “The turn-based strategy genre is timeless, with many old games still just as fun today as the day they were released. Athena Crisis takes this classic formula and puts its own unique twist on it, both in terms of style and substance.”

“I’m super excited to start playing Athena Crisis matches online against friends and foes, and as someone who grew up with map and campaign editors, I’m really looking forward to seeing what new adventures await beyond the awesome single player campaign. We’re honored to partner with Christoph and Nakazawa Tech to help bring Athena Crisis to Steam and mobile in 2024.”

We don’t have a concrete release date for Athena Crisis, besides the fact that it releases next year. For now, you can visit the Steam page for more information.

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