Atari's Retro Revivals Continue with Top-Down Racer NeoSprint on PS5, PS4

2 weeks ago 30

Nearing the finish line

Publisher Atari has been bringing back all kinds of old school series lost to the annals of time, and its latest is soon to leave its stint in early access with a full launch. That game is NeoSprint, a modern take on the company's top-down, multiplayer racing series, coming this summer to PS5 and PS4.

With an emphasis on "arcade-era single-screen racing", NeoSprint presents players with a colourful, isometric racer with a full campaign and plenty of other modes. There are obstacle courses and time trials to master, as well as a Grand Prix mode and of course local multiplayer for up to eight players. You can fully customise your vehicle, and there's even a full-blown track creator, allowing you to build unique courses and share them with other players.

What do you think of NeoSprint? Are you down for some retro-style racing action? Rev your engines in the comments section below.

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