As Suicide Squad players still struggle to login, Rocksteady promises server fixes are a "top priority"

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"We hear and feel your frustration and we can only agree."

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is still struggling from server issues, but Rocksteady is promising that fixing them is a "top priority."

It's been a little over half a month since Suicide Squad launch, and unfortunately for it, the game's issues seem to be persisting. Currently, the game is still suffering from both login and server issues, but in a new post from Rocksteady on the game's official website, it has promised a fix is in the works. Talking about upcoming patches that are aiming to address said issues, the post explained that "while we might not be able to fix all of those issues right away, I want to assure everyone: This is the top priority for us. We hear and feel your frustration and we can only agree, it’s unacceptable for the players who are affected by this.

"We need to do better, and we’re working hard to fix these issues. It is, however, not an easy nut to crack because it’s not one single issue, it’s several smaller issues that are affecting some players in different ways. We can only ask that you remain patient and keep giving more information through Customer Support to help us address the issues."

Following on from this, the post explained why Suicide Squad received an end game bug fix and balancing patch before a login and server fix patch, writing "balancing changes can be done by our design teams, with little to no need for code support. Login issues and server issues are sadly not something a designer can fix. However, we don’t want to delay changes that can be implemented quickly and will improve parts of the game, so while we understand that you might wonder and be frustrated around priorities, keep in mind that we have different teams working on different issues in parallel."

Outside of the above explanations about recent and upcoming patches, the post went into other upcoming planned changes, including improvements to Metropolis missions, better balancing for mutators, and tweaks to lower tiered legendary items - the full post goes into more detail about all of this, and a bit more.

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