Are you Toph enough? Avatar: The Last Airbender is getting a fighting game

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There's no word on a developer yet, but the game will be launching in Early Access in 2025.

Avatar the Last AIrbender cartoon image Image credit: Nickelodeon

Good news for those of you out there with a hunger for a new Avatar the Last Airbender game! According to a roadmap video from publisher Maximum Entertainment, the publisher is working in colaboration with Paramount to make a "competitive mulitplayer fighting game set in [the] Avatar the Last Airbender universe."

There's currently no word on which developer is going to be working on the game, only that the game is going to be launching into Early Access in 2025. However, taking a look at the Maximum Entertainment website shows that one developer under its corporate umbrella is Modus Studios' Mane 6.

Modus Studios' Mane 6 previously launched Them's Fighting Herds - although it's worth noting that the vast majority of the actual people at Mane 6 who launched that game were laid off in December 2023. If not Mane 6, it could also be the Modus Studios' Dimfrost team, which currently has an "unnannounced game" still present under its banner on the website.

Avatar the Last Airbender is one of those IPs that's been passed around quite a bit in terms of video games and video game crossovers. A quick Google shows an absurdly long list of titles (of varying quality), while other developers have partnered up to get the beloved cast of the cartoon in their games, such as Smite and Brawlhalla.

In terms of what a competitive multiplayer fighter could actually look like? It could be anything from a 2D 1v1 fighter like Them's Fighting Herds, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat 1, etc. Alternatively, it could be a platform fighter like Smash or Brawlhalla. That seems to be a popular avenue for cartoon IP, just look at Nickelodeon Brawl or MultiVersus.

The one thing I think we can also safely say is this - please don't let it be a wank arena fighter. Jujitsu Kaisen Cursed Clash came out this month and hit 0 concurrent players on Steam earlier today. Don't do that.

Are you keen for a Avatar the Last Airbender fighter? Let us know below!

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