Another Fisherman’s Tale ‘Gameplay’ trailer

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Publisher Vertigo Games and developer InnerspaceVR have released a new gameplay trailer for Another Fisherman’s Tale, its upcoming sequel to A Fisherman’s Tale.

Here is an overview of the game, via Vertigo Games:


Another Fisherman’s Tale is the sequel to the critically-acclaimed A Fisherman’s Tale. A mind-bending virtual reality puzzle-adventure like no other, Another Fisherman’s Tale continues the story of Bob the Fisherman, crafting a magical and moving narrative about the meaning we create in life by building and rebuilding our authentic selves. Developed from the ground-up to maximize the capabilities of modern virtual reality technology, Another Fisherman’s Tale introduces a set of all-new core mechanics: this time, the player’s own body is the primary puzzle to be solved, creating unconventional gameplay based on dismantling and rebuilding their in-game form.

In this five to six hour next-generation virtual reality adventure, we step into the shoes of Nina, the daughter of the original game’s protagonist, as she discovers models, notes, and photographs that document her father’s mysterious past, as well as her own childhood. Recollecting Bob’s grandiose stories of pirates, sunken ships, treasures, and mystical locations, Nina begins re-enacting his adventures and dives head-first into an imaginative world of memory and fantasy. Will she be able to separate fact from fiction and uncover the hidden truth behind the fisherman’s tale?

Featuring a total reinvention of its predecessor’s mechanics, Another Fisherman’s Tale imagines a world where YOU are the puzzle.

Key Features

  • Detach – Detach limbs and hands from your body and physically control them remotely. Throw Bob’s hand across a ravine and then make it crawl to retrieve an object, or send your head elsewhere for a different view of things.
  • Replace – Replace any of your limbs with a variety of objects to unlock new skills. Pirate hook hands allow you to climb up walls, a crab’s claw can cut through a rope in a pinch, and a fish’s tail will improve your swimming ability.
  • Control – Control your environment with your puppeteering hands, picking up distant objects, items, and tools, and interacting with each level’s unique layout.

Another Fisherman’s Tale is due out for PlayStation VR2, Quest 2, and PC via Steam, Oculus Store, and VIVEPORT in early 2023.

Watch the trailer below.

Gameplay Trailer

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