Anime Last Stand codes April 2024

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Latest update18th Apr 2024 / 7:55 am

A new Anime Last Stand code dropped for a variety of bugfixes. Codes from around Easter have now expired.

Anime Last Stand codes are the best way to quickly earn rerolls, gems, and rare units in this popular Roblox game.

Anime Last Stand is one of the most popular anime-infused tower defense games on the platform. Iconic anime characters help you defend a base from waves of enemies and bosses. You then use the spoils of war, like Emeralds and Gems, to upgrade and summon new units all the way up to mythic rank.

New Anime Last Stand codes

  • AdmiralsUPD – 750 gems (NEW)
  • SaviourCaleB
  • AriseWakeyWakey
  • BossStudio1stUpd
  • BossStudiosTakeover!
  • ToTheFuture!! – Emeralds x1500, Rerolls x10
  • TorSavedALS – Emeralds x70, Rerolls x10
  • Update5! – Emeralds x1000, Reroll x10
  • CongratsMrBeast1Billion – April Fools unit
  • Sub2CodeNex77k – Emeralds x150
  • Sub2Shock – Emeralds x150
  • Sub2ZerozKinger1MilSubs – Emeralds x150
  • Sub2BmGTormenter117onYT – Emeralds x150
  • Sub2MayyjeeeOrCodeWontWork – Emeralds x150
  • Sub2KingLuffy – Emeralds x250
  • Sup2Noclypso176k – Emeralds x250, Rerolls x3

How do I redeem Anime Last Stand codes?

Anime Last Stand codes April 2024

Not sure how to redeem Anime Last Stand codes? Follow these steps:

  • Launch Anime Last Stand.
  • Click the Codes button on the left side of the screen.
  • Enter a working ALS code.
  • Hit Redeem.

Boosts from code activate automatically. Be sure you’re ready to use a boost before you use a code.

When is the next Anime Last Stand update?

Anime Last Stand UPD 5 Pt. 2 – Marines landed on April 14, 2024. Here’s what’s new with the patch notes:

Anime Last Stand Marines Part 2 patch notes:

  • 7 New Characters:
  • 6 New Evo Items:
    • Golden Admiral – UNIT: Marines Fort Act 5 + Act 6 / EVO ITEM: Marines Fort Act 4 + Act 5
    • Blue Admiral – UNIT: Banner / EVO ITEM: Challenges Drop
    • Red Admiral – UNIT: Banner / EVO ITEM: Raid Shop
    • Light Admiral – UNIT: Banner / EVO ITEM: Challenges Drop
    • Gerp – UNIT:Water Park Act 6 / EVO ITEM: Marines Fort Act 6
    • Gas – UNIT: Banner / EVO ITEM: Raid Shop
    • Ichiko (Mask) – EVO ITEM: Raid Shop
  • Infinite Stun Bug Fixed
  • DOTs (not) Stacking Fixed
  • DOTs (not) giving Kills Fixed
  • Inventory Rarity Mass Sell Feature
  • Leaderboards Back (Apparently it’s acting weird)
  • x3 Rerolls for weekend
  • Increase Inventory Capacity for Coins
  • Better Search Bar for Units
  • Lag Fix Attempts

The next update is set to feature One Punch Man. No date has been set.

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