Anime Crossover Defense codes May 2024

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Latest update11th May 2024 / 8:45 pm

Two new Anime Crossover Defense codes have arrived for the 10k and 15k likes milestones.

Anime Crossover Defense is a brand-new Tower Defense title that, as you might have guessed, used fan favourites as units.

The Anime Crossover Defense codes below will be the best way to get a new account up to speed, barrelling through the early game with top-tier units.

All working Anime Crossover Defense codes

  • 15k – 300 gems and 5 crystal helixes (new)
  • 10k – 300 gems and 5 Crystal Helixes (new)
  • Release – 1000 Emeralds, 90 Crystals, and 5 Rerolls

How to redeem Anime Crossover Defense codes

An Anime Crossover Defense character dressed in an orange jumpsuit who lets the player redeem codes.Walk into Naruto’s glowing field to bring up the Anime Crossover Defense codes menu.

Here’s how to use codes in Anime Crossover:

  • Launch Anime Crossover Defense.
  • Find Naruto on the spawn deck before the portals.
  • Enter the ring around him.
  • Enter a working Anime Crossover code.
  • Hit Redeem.

Items like trait reroll tokens will go into your inventory. Click into it, then click the Items tab to find them.

How to reroll in Anime Crossover Defense

A labelled zone in Anime Crossover Defense on Roblox where the player can reroll unit traits.Walk into the Traits field in the Laboratory area of the lobby to select and reroll a unit’s trait.

To use trait reroll tokens like Crystal Helix obtained from codes in Anime Crossover, just head to the Laboratory. You’ll find it in the top left part of the lobby from the spawn.

There, walk into the Traits zone, click the blank unit to select one from your collection, then hit the reroll button.

How to get more Anime Crossover rerolls

Beyond new codes, the best way to get rerolls in Anime Crossover is to keep levelling up. Click the present icon in the bottom left to get two Crystal Helix used to reroll from level 3 onward.

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