Anime Crossover Defense best Artifacts tier list

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The best artifacts in Anime Crossover Defense are mid-game equips you can use to buff specific characters under tight circumstances.

Acquired through another gacha system, this Anime Crossover Defense artifacts tier list can help you find the best artifact for the job or your favourite unit. That way you only spend expensive upgrade resources on the strongest.

Anime Crossover Defense Artifacts tier list – What’s the best artifact?

Here’s a simple list of the best artifacts to farm and upgrade:

  • S-tier
    • Eternal Eye,  Hogyoku, Hat of the CEO
  • A-tier
    • Dragon Radar, Vampire Mask, Strand of the Hero’s Hair, Hollow Mask, Divine Eye
  • B-tier
    • Black Notebook, Key of Kings, Philosopher’s Stone
  • C-tier
    • Nimbus, Uta Uta, Cursed Finger

The best and worst artifacts are based on their rarity, the number of units they’re best equipped to, and whether or not they require extensive upgrades to perform well.

To help you get some of these, try the latest Anime Crossover Defense codes. And refer to the main Anime Crossover Defense artifacts primer to learn more, or the Anime Crossover Defense tier list if you’re struggling with the rifts these are tied to.

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