And Chips Is a New Apparel Brand Featuring Capcom Games

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Capcom has revealed a new apparel brand named And Chips (&CHIPS). The company will release apparel based on its game franchises with this new brand. Capcom has opened the brand’s official website, which is also available in English.

The brand will consist of multiple collections. The first one to come out will be the 83 Collection, which has a focus on Capcom’s retro games.

The lineup will include a Mega Man-branded T-shirt with Western-style artwork inspired by the first game and a Rockman-branded shirt that features the original key art of Mega Man 4. A Street Fighter II T-shirt will complete the initial lineup.

Capcom And Chips - Mega Man T-shirtImage via Capcom
Capcom And Chips - Rockman T-shirt featuring Mega Man 4Image via Capcom
Capcom And Chips - Street Fighter II T-shirtImage via Capcom

Capcom has also been working with other companies like Amazon to release apparel for its games. However, this new brand will allow the company to work with individual designers. The 83 Collection director ROKU will produce his own designs for the following 06 Collection, while NIKO24 will separately work on the 24 Collection.

The first wave of And Chips apparel from Capcom, which features Street Fighter II and Mega Man T-shirts, will appear on July 13, 2024. The shirts will be available at physical Capcom stores in Tokyo and Osaka. The English website indicates that people outside Japan will be able to place orders on the Online Parco web store, which supports international shipping via Buyee.

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