Amazon Prime's Fallout Is Officially Getting A Second Season

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It shouldn’t come as an enormous shock that Amazon Prime’s Fallout TV show is getting picked up for a second season, given the combination of its enormous popularity and its being surprisingly actually-good, but you never know with these mercurial streamers. Still, good sense prevails, and it’s been officially announced we’re getting a season two.

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Gosh, we’re all very excited about Fallout, aren’t we? Even I, someone who—due to a malodorous temperament and an infection of brainworms—entirely missed the original games, despite being the exact age and target audience during their late-‘90s release, and then found Bethesda’s approach to the franchise far too cluttered and clumsy to properly enjoy, am all in for the show. (I need to pick everything up when I play a video game, and the UI just wasn’t up to it.)

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Now I’ve alienated the vast majority of readers with my heresy, and am once again wondering if anyone’s made a mod that strips Fallout 3 of all its deranged muddle, we can all happily revel in the lack of comments on the site, burn our Twitter accounts, and get on with celebrating that the House That Bezos Built has green-lit another clutch of episodes made by his book-shop empire.

I’ve still only watched the first two episodes of the show, given my attempt to share watching it with my wife (“It’s basically the same story as Silo, but they go outside.”) ended during that scene midway through the first episode. “That bit was in the trailer!” I accidentally declared in glee, when the lady span around around shooting with the fork sticking out of her eye.


Yeah, oops.

Anyway, I now need to wait for evenings when she’s out to be able to watch, and there’s also a new season of Top Chef at the moment, so it’s going to take me a while. But I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve seen so far, especially a noseless Det. Shane Vendrell. And it seems I’ve played way more Fallout than I thought, given I recognize absolutely everything. I mean, I even own a Vault Boy bobblehead that I got on a press trip to Bethesda before both major sites I’ve written for were blacklisted by the company (and only one of them was my fault).

A man who needs a haircut holds a Fallout Vault Boy bobblehead by its broken head, shortly after gluing its thumb back on.

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And that, everyone, is how you fill out over 300 words to inform people of one sentence of news. You’re welcome.

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