ALPHA7 Esports Heading to Riyadh With Their Second PMPL Americas Championship Trophy

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This is their second PMPL Americas Championship title after finishing as the runner-ups both times in 2022.

Apart from the lion's share of the prize pool, the team now also have direct tickets to the PMWI 2023 in Riyadh that features a mammoth prize pool of $ 3 Million USD.

The Brazilian kings and one of the most consistent banners from the region, Alpha7 Esports have claimed the trophy of PMPL Americas Championship once again. This is the team’s second Championship title where they took home $25,000 USD in prize money along with a direct slot at the prestigious PUBG Mobile World League (PMWI) 2023 that boasts a prize pool of $3 million USD.

Earlier this week, South Asian powerhouse Stalwart Esports also managed to claim the PMPL South Asia Championship 2023.

ALPHA7 Esports Wins PMPL Americas Championship Spring 2023 Summary

INCO Gaming was leading charts from day 1 after securing three chicken dinners on the opening day. However, as the finals progressed, the team kept losing their grip from the top as names like Intense Game and N Hyper pierced through the top of the table. Alpha 7 slowly gained the momentum by winning single matches around the end of day 2 and 3. However, the two more wins on the final day was more than enough to seal themselves the top of the table, increasing their total chicken dinner tally to 4.

ALPHA7 Esports Wins PMPL Americas Championship

PMPL Americas

Points and Overall Standings

Alpha7 ended the Championship with a total of 223 points whereas with 2 chicken dinners and 210 points on the board, N Hyper, the PMPL North America Champions came second. Intense Game equaled the number of chicken dinners with Alpha 7 but still fell short in overall consistency. Thus offering themselves a commendable 3rd place finish with 198 points.

With 47 eliminations beside his name, Adrian from Intense Game became the MVP of PMPL Americas Championship and collected $1000 USD in winnings.

Although Alpha7 has cemented itself as one of the best PMPL teams Americas has even seen, the team is yet to land a global title for itself. The PMPL Americas Champions had come very close to winning the PMGC 2022 this year but had to settle for third place. Alpha7 also missed out from playing the PMWI 2022 last year so fans are expecting that Brazilian aces are going to make it count this.

Voting for PMWI 2023 All-Stars stage is also live. Players can vote for their favorite team from their region for a chance to appear alongside the likes of Alpha7 Esports to fight for the lion’s share of the $3 million USD prize pool. Refer to this article for more on the voting process.

Published On: 29 May 2023, 09:41 AM

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